Shaadi Mubarak 5th March 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Phurti scolding KT and Preeti. Kushala asks who is this girl, what is she saying, do you know her. Preeti says she is my sister, she is accompanying me to London. Kushala asks how can she take care of you. Phurti says Preeti will take care of me. KT stops her and asks her to have water. Kushala says you don’t need to worry for Preeti, I m going with them, I cancelled her ticket and booked mine. They ask what. Kushala says I wanted to give a surprise. Preeti says its a good surprise, you should have told me before, I would have explained Phurti. Shivraj says this girl took an entry with crackers, don’t know what will she do. KT says she is a sweet girl. Kushala says we don’t need her, go home. Phurti says I left the house to go with them till baby comes. Preeti says she came here to go with us, can we keep her here. Kushala says fine, Sneha take care of her, we will be going to London. Preeti asks Phurti to come with her.

Kushala asks Phurti to take her bags herself. KT says I will take the bags. Kushala gets shocked seeing Phurti’s bag. KT asks Phurti why didn’t she call him. Phurti says I called many times since morning. Preeti checks missed calls. KT says flight is in the evening. They cancel London’s plan. Phurti argues with KT. Preeti says you have come here, Kushala is coming since she thinks I m pregnant, if you don’t come with us, then we have to cancel the trip. Shivraj asks are you sure of that bag. Kushala says yes, I will go and get it. She says our work can’t come out. KT says I will tell mom that the marriage contract got cancelled. Phurti says tell Kushala that she can’t come, she can’t take care of Preeti. She gives many excuses. Preeti asks her to sit quiet.

KT says we are lying again and again. Kushala comes and asks what lies. Preeti says we had a client meeting, we have to lie to handle him. Kushala says okay, I just came to say, food is ready, come and have food. She asks Phurti not to get bag with her. They leave from the room. Kushala says I will attend a call and come. She checks Phurti’s bag. She gets the file and is relieved. Preeti comes back and asks her to come. Kushala drops the file there. She shuts the door and goes. Everyone dines. Neil asks Phurti to sit. Priyanka looks on angrily. Neil thinks Priyanka is jealous, Phurti will help me in melting Priyanka’s heart. He talks to Phurti. Phurti says I was always so quick. Neil says we will have puris. KT says this girl will make you lose. Kushala asks Sneha to handle everything well. Preeti worries. Kushala thinks to go and burn the file. She asks didn’t you get kheer, have it, I will get kheer. She goes to Preeti’s room. She gets the wrong file. She doesn’t check the name on the file and burns it in the kitchen. She says my old secret burnt to ashes today. She goes.

Shivraj says thank God, you burnt the file. Neil praises Phurti. Sneha says I didn’t like her. Neil says she is poor, its not her mistake, see her attitude. Priyanka says you talk about Phurti, I will see off Kushala. KT and Preeti come with Phurti. The workers come and blame Preeti for torturing workers during work hours. KT says I will complain against you. Preeti says they are saying the truth, I had scolded the electrician in anger. The man says we will file a case on you, you can’t go out of Udaipur till then, you have to return the best businesswoman award as well. She gets a notice. She says fine, I won’t go anywhere. She gets sad and goes to her room. She gets the trophy and returns it. Kushala says we were going to London. Preeti says sorry, we have to cancel the plan.