Shakti 16th April 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Soumya coming out of Harak Singh’s house and going in her car. Mahi looks on. Virat comes to his room and is about to see Heer, but Parmeet takes her outside. She asks Heer to take money, and says it might get useful to you. Heer says my love is not saleable. She says I will leave and touches Parmeet’s feet. Parmeet looks on. Heer starts walking. Tera Ishq Hai….plays…..She recalls their moments. She comes to the bus stand and asks someone where is the way to bus stand? The guy says that way. Soumya is going from there in the car and looks out. Heer senses something and stops walking. She turns to look back. Just then Soumya gets a call and turns to attend the call. Preeto is on call and asks where are you? Soumya says she came for work. Preeto asks her to come after work and then they will talk. Heer looks on, but doesn’t see Soumya. She faints and falls down on the road. Shakti song plays…..Kamini and Nayan are going in the car and get down seeing someone unconscious. They come to Heer and identify her. Nayan says this is Heer. Kamini says we shall take her with us. Nayan asks Driver to make her sit in the car. Soumya’s driver is Harman and he looks at her. Tu hi mera khuda plays…. She comes out of the room and hears Kamini asking Nayan to drink wine, but the latter refusing. Kamini asks Nayan why is she acting, now the alliance is fixed. Nayan throws her dupatta and takes the wine. She says wow and drinks. Kamini says Parmeet is foolish still and her son is also foolish. She asks her to make Virat tie to her dupatta. Nayan tells that Virat is hers now, and the important thing is that Heer is in our captivity. Heer thinks to inform Virat and rushes to go, but vase falls down alerting the mother daughter duo.

Soumya is still in car. She asks Harman to stop the car. Harman smiles. Nayan comes to Heer’s room. Just then Heer pretends to gain consciousness and Nayan sits down, the powder falls on her from the bottle. Harman takes Soumya to the temple.

Virat comes to Parmeet and Sant Baksh and says good morning. He calls Heer and asks her to bring his protein shake. Heer brings protein shake for him. Parmeet asks what are you doing here, and tells that I had fired you. Heer says she is again back on job. Parmeet asks who has taken this big decision.

Nayan comes there and calls Parmeet as Mummy ji. She asks can I call you Mummy ji? Parmeet says yes. Nayan says she has hired Heer on job again. She says sorry if she has done a mistake, and says I think I can take this decision.

Harman recalls his marriage with Soumya and comes to her. Shakti song plays….He shows sindoor bottle. Shakti song plays….