Shakti 17th September 2020 Written Episode Written Update

Virat telling Preeto that Heer is with her and asks her to give permission to her, tells that he will convince her. Heer tells that he made her run behind him till the road and tells that she didn’t come by herself. He is lying. Preeto recalls her words to Virat and tells Heer that she always had complains that she has no friends and asks her to fulfill her wish to have a friend. She asks her to befriend Virat and says now you can attend Jharna and Virat’s wedding. She asks her to befriend Virat. Virat says you have granted permission from Supreme court and tells that you can’t refuse now, so befriend me. Heer tells that you are going to marry Jharna, you are not my neighbor or haven’t become my friend again, but I got hurt while trying to care for you and shows her injured hand. She says I think that we have some relation between us, says ok. He holds her hand and wipes blood from her hand. Tu hi mera khuda plays…..Virat smiles.

Preeto asks Harak Singh not to worry and tells that Virat is with Heer. She tells that it is good that they got Virat’s support, and one thing is wrong that Soham became our enemy. Harak Singh asks her not to take tension and tells that he will talk to Soham his way.

Virat comes to his room through the window and finds his family members sitting. Jharna asks where did he go? Virat says to befriend Heer and it happened. Jharna says wow, I am hearing about friendship night for the first time. Parmeet asks what happened to you and tells that you are getting married after 2 days and went to befriend Heer. Virat says I had gone to befriend her, and not to marry her. He asks her to go and sleep, not to create a scene. Jharna tells that she has problem with Heer and his friendship and tells that she is not ok with it. Virat asks who are you? Jharna says your would be wife. Virat says everyone has friends and asks if I ever stop you from meeting your friends. Jharna tells that she has no options with his friends, but has problem with his Ex. Heer. Virat asks did I ever told my terms and conditions on you and asks her not to do this, live and let me live. He asks her not to intervene in her personal space, tells that he is going to freshen up, asks her to go and sleep, as tomorrow is mehendi.

Parmeet asks Jharna not to do anything now as Virat might change his plan. She says once you both are married, his mind remote will be in your hands. She says I don’t know why Virat befriended Heer. Sant Baksh says I shall talk to Harak Singh. Daljeet asks him not to talk to them, and says let the marriage happen then we will think what to do. Gurwinder thinks Virat did right by doing penance for hurting Heer’s heart.

Heer is preparing for her exam. Preeto comes there and keeps the tray. Heer says I am upset with you as you asked me to befriend Virat. Preeto says when he extended hand of friendship, you felt peace. She asks her to become great by giving forgiveness. She says if he gets peace with your forgiveness then it is good. Heer says but he is not marrying me. Preeto pacifies her and tells that may be something more good is written in your destiny. Heer hugs her and cries. Preeto asks her to come down and have breakfast.

Soham wakes up and finds Harak Singh standing aiming gun at him. Harak Singh says my father used to say that this is the gun with whom tiger shall be shot and not the dogs. He says my name is Harak Singh. My father’s name was Shamsher Singh. He calls him birth of the bad blood and says if you touch my grand daughter then I will kill you. He says I am giving you warning for the last time and tells that he is giving him 2 bungalows and 2 factories and tells that I can give this to you for my grand daughter, calls him bad blood. He says you want to kill my Heer. He says I have raised you and you eat my food, and threatening me. Preeto comes there and tells that he will not get anything by ruining Heer’s life and folds her hands. She says you can live your life luxuriously by getting this all. She asks him to leave Heer. Shanno comes there and tells that let her click her pic. She clicks their pic and says what a pic. She shows to Preeto and asks Soham to get this moment printed in his mind, how his Dadi and Dadi are begging infront of him and also to remember that their intentions are changed like squirrel’s intentions. Preeto asks her to go and says we came here to talk to Soham. Shanno says this is my work, I don’t want you to trap Soham else his dream to take revenge for his parents’ death will be unfulfilled.

Preeto tries to slap Shanno, but the latter holds Preeto’s hand, twists her hand and pushes her down. Harak Singh gets angry and says Veeran’s wife…Shanno asks him not to shout and asks them to beg infront of her rather than shouting. Harak Singh says you have crossed all limits and tells that he will not leave her. Preeto gives him promise. Shanno says you didn’t see the limits when your wife slapped me and tells that she don’t want to hear his lecture. Harak Singh says Preeto is elder and you are younger and asks if she didn’t learn the manners. Soham says this is not called as crossing limits, but it is called as changing the circumstances. He says you people used to rule in this house, now it is Shanno Dadi’s turn and asks why you are getting angry. He says if Shanno Dadi wants then she will tell everyone about Heer’s truth. He says even if you give your all wealth, then also my intention will not change. She says you have build the bungalows, property with much hardwork. He writes something and says I have written my plan on this paper and asks him to read it once. He then asks them to turn their face and shows Varun’s big photo frame on his wall. Harak Singh and Preeto are shocked.

Soham tells that his promise to his blood is his decision. Hark Singh and Preeto are shocked. Soham says I don’t need to hide my intentions anymore and tells that they are not bad, but evil persons get afraid of him. He asks Shanno Dadi to make tea for him. Shanno says I will bring. Harak Singh asks Preeto to read what their grand son is written. He says I have left you regarding you as my grand son. He tells that he had come to make him understand, but like he said that there is evil person, there is gutter also in every house. He says he knows how to clean the gutter and tells that he is leaving decision on him. Soham says that he is firm on his decision and tells that tiger doesn’t become clean, they just roar. He asks him to have tea.

Soham comes out and sees Heer cutting the apple. She asks him to come and have apple. Soham comes and sits with her. Heer makes him have apple. Soham sees Harak Singh and Preeto and tells that yesterday he was watching film, and tells that the guy slits the girl’s throat in the film. He keeps knife on her neck. Preeto and Harak Singh asks Soham to leave Heer. Heer is shocked. Soham asks them not to move else he will kill her.