Shakti 23rd September 2020 Written Episode Written Update

Virat comes back to his Sangeet function. He directly goes to his room. His Bhabhi sees him sad. Other side, Heer also runs to her room and she’s also sad. Both think about their moments and cry. Virat gets furious and throws different things in his room. His Bhabhi comes there. She asks he’s feeling very bad, right? She heard Heer refusing to marry him. It’s so strange, one day he rejected her and she was waiting and today he’s waiting. Heer cannot focus on studies. She cries thinking about Virat. Preeto looks at her from distance and says, cry Heer. But whatever happened was right. Now both Heer and Virat’s lives will be safe.

In morning, Preeto and Ravi are packing bag for Heer. Soham gives them indirect threats.

Heer has come to temple with Harak Singh. Harak Singh goes to get puja’s thaal. Heer prays her exams, as well as Virat’s marriage go well today. Virat and his Bhabhi come there. Bhabhi says she’s praying despite knowing Virat wants to marry her, not Jharna. She found their photographs from his room in which her and Virat married each other in that same temple. Heer looks at photos and recalls Virat and her took pheres and got married. She knows they love each other. She asks Heer whether she forgot Virat any moment. Heer says she never wanted Virat to marry Jharna. Bhabhi says Virat will never be happy with Jharna. He loves Heer. They both should think about each other. Virat tells Heer that it was her who took him to that temple. He accepts what he did was wrong, but whatever she is doing… is that justified? Sometimes it’s better to look back instead moving forward. Bhabhi requests her to accept Virat and start a new life. Heer recalls how Virat left her alone and didn’t come to their marriage. She gives Virat her Kasam to leave immediately and marry Jharna. The feeling when a bride gets ready and a groom doesn’t come is very bad. She doesn’t want him to break Jharna’s heart. He says Mata Rani wants them to be together, that’s why they keep meeting. She takes a coin from near Mata Rani and says if he thinks that, then let Mata Rani decide. She’ll toss the coin and that will decide who is right. She tosses the coin and walks away.

Heer returns home. Ravi tells her to get all her stuff for exam. She goes to her room. Soham quietly goes out and plants a bomb under a car. Heer is ready. Everyone comes out to drop her. Everyone wishes her all the best. Soham pretends to be on phone as they come outside. Heer asks Soham he’s going along with her, right? He says someone needs to stay back to prepare for celebrations, right? Rohan says he’s right and tells him to do all preparations that he wants to do. Preeto, Harak Singh, and Rohan go with Heer. Soham wishes her a happy journey. After everyone leaves, Shanno asks what’s so ‘happy’ in that? He says it’s happy for them, not her. They will find out shortly. The bomb explodes. People gather and wonder whose car was that. They call police.

Soham is waiting for a call from police. Police arrive at the scene and an officer sees number plate. He says to find out whose car is that. Someone says it’s Harak Singh’s car. Police calls at Harak Singh’s home. Shanno gets happy. She tells Soham to start acting. The officer informs about car’s blast. Soham says what? Harak Singh in car? The officer tries to say something,but Roham hangs up. Shanno cries loudly. Everyone comes outside. Shanno tells them about car blast in which Heer and others went. Everyone is shocked.