Shakti 30th November 2020 Written Episode Written Update

Parmeet told that he will get Simran aborted right now. She is about to take him to the hospital. Virat folded his hands and asked Parmeet to understand Simran. Parmeet asks her to move. Heer holds her hand and tells Parmeet that Simran is very distressed and upset, she no longer wants her abortion, so they will understand. Parmeet asks her to leave Simran’s hand and says that you are not the daughter of the house. Heer says that it is a matter of Simran’s feelings for Mamata and the child and it will be her decision as to what she wants to do with her child. Saint Bakhsh asks Virat to convince his wife that they will take the decision and not him and asks him to leave Simran’s hand. Virat says what I should understand and says that Heer is right, it will be Simran’s decision to have a child or an abortion. Bua tells Parmeet that they will not ask to move his hand, and she herself withdraws her hand. Parmeet is about to take Simran from there. Virat says that Bua Ji, Simran and Heer are not weak girls. Simran asks Parmeet to release her hand. Parmeet released her hand. She says that I thought Heer is a good girl and says that she has sinned by supporting Simran, and tells that he has nothing to do with Heer from today and if anyone talks to Heer then he The person’s relationship also ends with him. She says that she does not deserve her daughter-in-law and tells Gurwinder to throw fruits and sweets for the dogs outside, as they are at least loyal.

Shanno picks up the phone and says hello. Preeto comes and takes the phone. Bua ji tells that there was a big drama in the house, Parmeet pulled Heer’s hair and slapped her vigorously. She says that Heer is exposed and ends the call. Preeto gets angry. Simran cries and thinks that Parmeet got angry at Heer-in-law, as she cries for her child. Virat scolds Heer for supporting Simran. Heer says that he did not think this would happen, as he felt that Arjun would marry Simran. Simran thinks that she will kill herself before Parmeet miscarries her child. Virat says that mother told that no one will talk to you. Heer says, but for now, we have to support Simran, otherwise we will have to regret it for a lifetime. Simran hangs himself and kicks the chair. Virat and Heer hear the sound of the chair falling and run there. Saint Baksh asks Virat to break the door. They break the door and find Simran unconscious and hanging. Daljeet and Virat take her to bed. Daljit gives water to Heer. Heer splashes water on Simran’s face and tells her to get up. Simran achieves consciousness and cough. Heer gives her water and asks if you ever thought of us. Simran asks why did you save me, let me die? She cries. Heer tells her to drink water. Simran drinks water and says that I will not get my abortion done. She says that she (Arjun) cheated on me, what is my child’s fault? She says I will die before you kill me. Heer says everything will be alright, trust me.

Simran asks why did you save me? Would you let me die? Parmeet says if you had died, it would have been good for you and us. Simran is shocked. Virat asks how can you say that? Parmeet says that she has survived, it is good for us, but not for her. She says that I will end this drama. Saint Baksh asks Parmeet what he is saying and says that she is our daughter. Parmeet says he has no way out and is holding her hand and asking her to come to the hospital for an abortion. Everyone tries to stop Parmeet. Virat says that she has just fought to the death, don’t take her. Bua ji stops Heer and tells him to stay back. Heer sees the idol of Mata Rani and thinks that there must be some way to save Simran. Parmeet is still outsmarting Simran. Heer brushes with Bua Ji’s hand and goes to Parmeet. He comes in front of Parmeet and stops his path. Shakti plays the song….

Parmeet warns her to go back on her way. Heer says that Simran will not have an abortion, his child will be born, will come into this world and live his life. Parmeet says that Simran will not become an unmarried mother. Heer says that I will marry her, she will not become an unmarried mother. Bua ji says that you cannot make pea vegetables and is promising to make your life. She asks who will marry Simran? Heer goes to the temple of the house and puts rice in the pot of Kalash. Jai Jai Ambe … plays. We say that it is a ritual to keep rice in the pot of Kalash in our house. She reveals that she has placed the urn and swears Simran to marry. She asks him to give her 24 hours, and tells that she will marry him in 24 hours. Shakti plays the song…. Parmeet leaves Simran’s hand and gives Heer 24 hours. Heer smiles and asks Simran if she trusts him. She asks him to trust her and says that the boy will be very good, he will name your child and you will also get respect. She asks him to trust her and hugs her. Simran hugs her. Parmeet asks Simran to sit before his eyes. Virat says that I will be with Simran all the time.

The next day, Harak Singh and his family heard the sound of the band / dhol. Preeto asks Harak Singh who has come. Harak Singh opens the door and finds Heer at the door, while the band are playing the dhol standing behind him. Preeto asks what is this new drama? Heer says Veer ji, I want to talk to you? Rohan asks him to say. Heer says that today she brought Nanand Simran’s alliance for her. Rohan, Preeto and others are surprised.