Shakti 3rd June 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Virat and Soumya looks at each other. Virat looks at Soumya and recalls Heer telling him about her. He says Soumya ji…you are my Heer’s Gulabo. Soumya asks who are you? Virat says I am your Heer’s Virat. He says Heer had told me everything about you and says you are same as she had told. Soumya asks where is Heer, if she is fine? She asks about Harman ji. She says how come you are here, we met at such a time when we don’t know that if we will be alive or not. The goon tells that Police must be coming here, we shall leave from here. Waiter goon says Angel has ordered him to kill Virat. Other goon says she is not picking the call. Waiter goon says he has to kill Virat and is about to slit his neck, when Soumya shouts asking him to stop. Virat asks him to leave Soumya and says he will give him double money. The waiter goon asks if you think us fool, you are DSP’s son. Just then Harman comes there and kicks the drums. The goon asks who is he? Harman says there is three ways of his introduction, first talk, secondly meet, and lastly kick. The waiter goon raises his hand on Harman, but Harman twists his hand. He looks at Soumya. Soumya and Virat look at Harman. Music plays….Harman hits the waiter goon and makes him fall down. He then beats the other goons too. Shakti song plays…..

He fights with goons looking at Soumya. The goons faint and fall down. Virat smiles. Harman walks towards Soumya and recalls their moments. Soumya also thinks of their moments. He keeps his hand on her head. Soumya cries. Harman asks if she is fine? Soumya says yes, I am fine. I knew that you will come. All the goons get up and are coming towards Harman. Virat sees them coming and kicks barrel on them. They fall down. Harman opens the rope and frees Soumya and Virat. He comes to Soumya. The goon takes the stick and hits Harman many times. Harman is unaffected. Virat smiles. The goon is about to hit Soumya, but Harman holds the stick and protects his love. Soumya looks at Harman. Virat sees their love and gets impressed. Harman hits the goon and he falls down. Harman hugs Soumya. Soumya cries. Tu hi mera khuda plays…..Virat thinks of Heer and his moments and gets emotional. He whistles and says what a Jodi, what a love story. He says Heer had said right that lover like Harman Singh is not there in the entire world. Harman and Soumya looks at him. Virat thinks of Heer and breaks down. He shouts Heer, where did you go leaving me? He asks her to return. Soumya and Harman feel his pain. Virat gets up and kicks the waiter goon, asks him to say where is Heer? He the beats him and asks him to tell about Heer, else he will kill him. Harman stops Virat and says we will search Heer, handle yourself. Sant Baksh comes there with his team and asks them to arrest all the goons. He hugs Virat and asks if he is fine? Virat nods yes. Harman asks if Angel and Daljeet told about Heer’s location. Sant Baksh says until when they will hide from Police. Virat says I want Heer at any cost and if I don’t get her then will kill everyone, Angel and her goons. Harman asks him to handle himself. Virat hurts himself and feels helpless, says Heer come back. Harman assures him that they will find out Heer. He says if Soumya is found, then Heer will be found too, we will search her together. \

At home, Mahi is sad. Parmeet and Preeto wait for Virat and Harman to return. Parmeet says they are not picking the call. They hear car sound. Virat gets down from the car, followed by Harman and Soumya. Preeto gets happy seeing Soumya coming with Harman. Shakti song plays….Soumya holds his hand and walks. Mahi looks at them. Virat enters first. Parmeet gets happy and hugs him. He says he is fine. Harman and Soumya are about to enter. Mahi gets shocked. Preeto stops them and brings aarti plate.