Shakti 4th March 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Heer taking Virat inside the farmhouse. She finds Mata Rani temple there and prays to her asking her to do some miracle which make Virat fine. She does the aarti of Mata Rani and gives aarti to Virat. She keeps the aarti plate and looks outside. She asks Virat to say where did they come? Virat opens his eyes and looks on. Heer hides behind the tree and calls Virat. She says you was searching me, so see I am here. She asks him to catch her. Virat sees Heer dancing infront of him. She hides again and makes her anklet sound. She then calls him and holds her dupatta. She asks Virat to look at her. Virat says where are you Heer? Heer asks him to search her and splashes water on him from the swimming pool. She calls his name. Virat gets up hearing her. Heer says what kind of husband you are, you are not searching your wife. Virat says where are you Heer? Heer sees some goons coming there and running towards Virat. She comes to Virat and asks them what do they want. A goon makes Virat fall down. Heer shouts Virat. They push Heer. Heer finds a rod there and takes it. She hits the goons and beats them. Virat gets up and sees her fighting with the goons. He remembers everything, as the goon pushes Heer and she is about to fall in the Pool like falling in the river. Virat runs to her and tries to hold her hand, but in vain. Tera Ishq Plays….Heer falls in the pool and calls Virat. Virat gets shocked and jumps in the water. The goons tell that they shall kill her in the pool itself. They jump in the pool and try to drown her. They tie Heer to the pipe inside. Virat gets flashes of everything. He shouts Heer….The goons come out of the pool. Virat beats them and jump in the pool to save her. He asks her to open her eyes. Heer opens her eyes and sees her. Virat goes in the pool and opens the chain with which she is tied. He says I am so sorry. Heer says you have saved me. Isha returns there and finds goon running away. She thinks the work is done and come there. Heer hugs Virat. Tu hi mera khuda plays….

Isha calls Virat and searches him in the house and then comes out, to see them hugging in the pool. She gets shocked to see Heer fine. Tu hi mera khuda plays….Virat comes home with Isha. Everyone gets happy to see him. They all hug Virat. Parmeet hugs him and says you have become fine. Isha says yes, he has become fine. Virat asks Parmeet not to cry anymore and says I hurt you so much. Parmeet thanks Mata Rani and cries. Virat says I gave you enough pain, now I have taken a decision. Angel is hearing them from outside.

Heer hugs Preeto and tells that Virat has become fine. Preeto says you have given us a good news. Rohan says Heer has showed her love strength. Akshay asks why did he drop you here, why he didn’t take you with him. Heer says Virat asked me to go to Preeto and said that he will call me. She says he was stressed and I think that he will come to take me later. Preeto says why he didn’t take you? Harak Singh says we shall take Heer with us, there. Heer asks him not to get senti and leave everything on Virat. She says he can’t leave without Heer. She says we shall plan the party and make something for him. Preeto says this is not Virat, he will not separate Heer from himself. Parmeet asks what decision? Virat says he has decided to leave Heer. Isha gets happy and smiles. Parmeet is shocked. Angel smiles standing outside. Isha asks what are you saying? Virat says when I had dropped Heer to her house, I was thinking all the way that I can’t hurt my family by making a kinnar as the bahu. He says I am not selfish and asks Parmeet if he has taken the right decision. Parmeet says yes, you are right and tells that they are relieved seeing him fine. She makes him sit and takes off bad sight from him. She prays that Mata Rani keeps that kinnar away from him. Isha thinks she got everything whatever she wanted.