Shakti 6th May 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Harman picking his stuff and walking towards the door. Harak Singh questions Soumya why did she hide such a big thing from them. Soumya says she didn’t want them to go through the pain which they are going on, and doesn’t want to see tears in her eyes. She says I didn’t want you people to feel the same pain of losing Harman and I was scared that his lie may arise hopes in your hearts. She says she didn’t want the family members to shatter again, who has started to live again. Mahi claps and says you have learnt good acting and says you want to get saved behind the fake tears. Preeto asks her to stop it. Harman stops and turns to them. Mahi says how that imposter would have known about us, if Soumya had not told him. She asks her to remove her blind fold and see that Soumya is a big fraud. Harman comes back and says enough Mahi.

Arjun tells that he has stopped all his bad habits and trying to get better. He asks for a chance. Nayan slaps him and says what do you think that we will forget all your bad doings. She says you have ruined Simran and her daughter’s life. Arjun says Simran’s daughter? Nayan says yes, Simran and your daughter, you didn’t think about them too. Arjun asks Simran if the girl is theirs. Simran says just my daughter, we don’t have to have any relation with cheap person like you. Arjun says let me meet my daughter once, and hug her once and cry. Virat stops him and says he is silent due to Kamini aunty and asks him to go from there.

Harman asks Mahi to tell him if he has done mistake by coming here and says he will not hear anything against Soumya. He says we haven’t done anything for this house, which Soumya had done. Mahi says will you tell me about her greatness? Harman says yes and tells that Soumya was loving and caring even then and even now, but you have just hatred and anger that time and even now. He says your existence in this house was due to me, and even now. He says but this house’s existence is due to Soumya and even now. He asks Harak Singh to believe him and says Soumya…I…never…She holds his hand and asks why did you praise me infront of my family, and asks if you think that I will trust you? She says no, you are an imposter and can never win my trust. She asks him to stop playing with her emotions and her family’s emotions.

Parmeet comes to Simran. Simran cries while moving the swing. She hugs Parmeet and cries. She says why this is happening in my life, she says whom I loved, left me and whom I married, kept a condition before me. She says before I took a decision, Arjun returned. She says this is my karma, Heer has done good with us, and set my home, but we broke her home. She says this is happening due to this. Parmeet tells that she will fill happiness in her life, that she will not remember this day.

Soumya brings Harman out holding his hand. Tu hi mera khuda plays…She leaves his hand. An electricity wire sparks out. Soumya tells that neither she nor her family want to know his story and asks him to leave silently. She says if you roam around me or my family then Harman ji’s promise I will take your life. Harman is shocked and picks his bag from the ground. Soumya is walking inside. Harman looks at the sparking wire breaking and falling on Soumya. He shouts Gulabo. Soumya turns and looks at him. He runs towards her and pushes her. He gets electrocuted while saving her. Soumya gets shocked and looks for the stick to move the wire. She hits on the wire and moves it from his body. He is unconscious. Shakti song plays…Soumya thinks what did he do, he risked his life to save my life. She recalls Vedant attempting to kill her, but Harman takes the bullet on him and falling off the cliff. He recalls new Harman saving her when Jeet fired at her, asking his place in her heart and his words. She recalls everything and the guy who can risk his life is just one, and thinks he is not imposter….She asks him to open his eyes and calls him Harman ji..