Shakti 7th April 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Police come to Angel saying Soumya has filed a complaint against her for attempting to kill her. Angel asks her lawyer to save her. Inspector asks lawyer already knew that police is going to come? Angel says that police keep coming to her, so she thought to hire lawyer for herself. The lawyer says he will answer Soumya’s complaint and goes to police station with them. Angel calls her contractor saying if he can’t do work, then she will hire someone else. The contractor says Jeet will do his work, keep some patience.

Parmeet informs Heer that guests are coming in evening with a proposal for Virat. She asks Heer to do the arrangements and warns her to make sure there is no drama tonight and guests shouldn’t find out about her and Virat’s past relationship. Heer says ok and leaves from there. Virat comes in front of her. They both look at each other and walk opposite.

The contractor calls Jeet and asks why he is not able to do his work. Jeet says that Soumya has luck on her side, but he will finish her soon. Mahi hears Jeet’s conversation. Jeet gets scared. Mahi tells him that he doesn’t need to be afraid of her, his secret will remain secret with her. He asks she thinks he’s a fool? She says no, she was fool to think that family was hers. Soumya came and snatched away everything. She further tells him that he can do whatever he wants with Soumya, she won’t tell anything to anyone. He asks how he should trust her. Soumya is looking for Mahi. Mahi tells Jeet that if he succeeds in his mission, then she will get her place back in the house. She walks out and finds Soumya standing there. Soumya asks what she was doing in Jeet’s room. Mahi says she came to give him water. She taunts Soumya that she might have brought the guest, but house belongs to her (Mahi), so it’s her duty to take care of guests. Soumya asks Mahi if she’s still upset with her. She asks Mahi to let go the issues she has as they have to live under one roof. Mahi tells her that she will never understand her problem. If she did, then she would not have come back in their lives. Soumya says she came back for her family and she is a part of it. Mahi says she lost her family because of her. Soumya has no relationship with the house, still she means everything. Preeto calls them downstairs.

Harak Singh says that finally some happiness came in his house. Preeto credits Soumya for it. Soumya says she didn’t do anything. Harak Singh praises her for not taking credit. Mahi stares at Soumya. Preeto continues praising Soumya that Rohan and Simran got together because of her. She tells everyone to get ready for God Bharai. Jeet watches everything from distance. Mahi looks at him and he seems to be convinced that he has no threat for her.

Angel calls Jeet and asks whether he can do her work. Jeet says he knows that she doesn’t have anyone. She asks till when he can do the work. He says he doesn’t give him time table to anyone, but tonight there is Simran’s God Bharai and he will kill Soumya. Angel says if Soumya is still alive tomorrow, then he will lose his impression of best shooter.

Party starts at Virat’s home. Virat dances with bunch of girls making Heer uncomfortable / jealous. He pulls her too and dances with her. She walks away and turns her face away. After dance, Virat calls Heer. She gets happy, but Virat just needed water. A guest tells Parmeet that she has such a pretty servant. Another guest comments be careful, these days these servants woo house’s boys. Virat asks Heer, what happened? Did she feel bad? She says why she would feel bad. A house manager is just a fancy word. Rich families treat them like servants only. She’s fine with it. He says, is that so? He thought that she felt he would defend her like before. She asks what do you mean, sir? She doesn’t keep any hopes with strangers. Virat says she was weak and she will always remain weak. That is why she is answering him, but she doesn’t have courage to answer who insulted her. She says she is not weak. He says she is and provokes her. She goes to the guest who insulted her and drops juice on her saree. She acts of being sorry and then gives a look to Virat.

Other side, God Bharai starts. Soumya is doing all preparations. Preeto thanks Malaika for bringing Soumya back. She hopes that Heer returns soon too. Mahi hears it and gets jealous. Harak Singh and other guys come there. Preeto stops them saying they are not allowed. She sends them back.

Parmeet takes Virat to meet some girls. They say he’s such a great dancer and ask whether he can teach them. He says sure. The girls ask Parmeet whether they can go outside with Virat. Parmeet says sure. Virat is looking at Heer. He tells her to bring snacks and drinks for them.

Jeet comes in the function. Preeto asks whether he’s fine now. He says yes, he was just going outside. Mahi thinks if he goes outside, then plan would fail. Jeet decides to kill Soumya tonight no matter what.