Shakti 9th June 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Mahi thinking today she got justice and Harman ji is just hers now. Harman knocks on the door. Mahi asks him to come inside. She says I knew that I will not get everything so easily and you will come to talk to me. She asks him to say what he wants to say. Harman folds his hands and apologizes to her for being guilty of hers. He says Soumya gave me promise and that’s why I can’t change this decision, you want to see me as your husband, tomorrow will be a new start for both of our lives, you will get your husband, and also bahu status in this house. He says everything will happen as you say Mahi. Mahi smiles happily.

Later, Soumya comes there with her luggage trolley in her hand. She tells Harak Singh that she will leave and touches his feet. Harak Singh blesses her. She then touches Preeto’s feet. Preeto moves back and cries. Soumya says please. Preeto holds her hands and says Soumya. She says don’t know whose bad sight fell on us, that nothing is getting fine. Soumya says the destiny of this house is good, as this house and you all got Harman back. She says I stayed far from you all, as I wanted this house’s happiness, today I am going far again as I want the happiness back. She says once Heer is back, all happiness will be back, says we will search her. She asks everyone to accept that Harman ji is of Mahi now and folds her hands. Virat, Simran and others look on. Soumya folds her hands. Veeran gets sad. Soumya comes to Virat and asks him to search her, and make sure that they don’t separate again. She asks him to take care of himself. She then starts walking towards outside door. Harman recalls their moments since his returned. Music plays…Mahi looks on. Tu hi mera khuda plays….Soumya walks towards the door and is about to get out of house, when Mahi asks her to stop. Soumya stops and takes back her step in the house, she looks back at Mahi.

Mahi walks to her and tells that it was her mistake to hold the slipping sand in her hand, and yesterday night she realized this. She recalls, Harman telling her that he will be called as her husband, but his heart and soul will take Soumya’s name only. He says my breaths, heart beats are just for Soumya, we will stay as husband and wife in the room, but as strangers. He says I can’t share my love with you. He says I thought to tell you, if you want such a husband then its fine. Fb ends. Mahi holds Soumya’s hand and takes her inside the house.

Everyone is surprised. Mahi brings Soumya to the hall and tells that after Harman ji went from my room, I thought all night if I really want a husband, who is just my namesake husband. She says after thinking a lot, I realized that someone shall move away from the away and it’s me and not you. She tells that Soumya is not believing me, that’s why I am telling you all. She says until yesterday, I used to think that jodis are made by people too, but I realized that relations and lives get ruined by stubbornness. She asks Preeto not to feel bad, but the forced relation proved heavy for her, although she got married to Harman ji, but God has written Soumya in his destiny. She tells Harman that she has understood well that she can’t get him by force, can be the bahu of the house, but can’t be his wife. She says she has spent many years here, and when she had weighted both relations in the weighing scale, she realized thought Soumya deserves to be with Harman. She says she will go away from their lives. Preeto asks what are you saying? Mahi says she can’t make Harman love her forcibly and can’t lose all relations to get him. Harak Singh and Preeto are relieved, but Soumya is still skeptical about Mahi’s change of heart. Mahi holds Soumya’s hand and tales her to Harman. She then gives Soumya’s hand in Harman’s hand. Harman smiles. Soumya is surprised.

Mahi asks Harman to get the divorce papers and says she will sign, so that you and Soumya can remarry again. Virat smiles. Mahi requests Preeto and Harak Singh, not to keep her far from this house. She says I have nobody in this world except you both, you are my parents and the family. She asks them to let her stay here, tells that she will stay in a corner. She tells that she is scared of loneliness. She tells Harman if he has problem then she will leave. Harman says you don’t need to go anywhere, you can stay anywhere you want, I am with you in your decision. Soumya looks at Mahi with doubt.

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