Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 25th January 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Anokhi talking to Rama. Rama asks is everything fine. Anokhi says I wanted to see your face, I gave the interview, I will get admission now, I have to submit some papers, I got selected in the best college, Aastha is going to send me the papers. Babli also joins the video call. She asks Anokhi is she fine. Rama says Anokhi got the admission. Babli asks really, you have done great. Rama asks where did you spend the night. Anokhi says I have managed. Babli asks Rama not to worry, Anokhi is coming to her house. Anokhi says no, I m fine, I will get a room in the hostel, its matter of one day. Babli says just come, don’t worry, I spoke to my family. Rama asks Anokhi to go to Babli’s house. Babli asks her to just come. She says you are coming to my house for the first time. She ends the call.

Alok comes home and says Anokhi got the admission, I should take over business from Tej. He tells everything to Gayatri. Kanchan looks on and smiles. Babli says its a matter of one night, is this not my house. Vineet says we can’t take risk, Anokhi can do anything. Mummy ji says you always go to your Maayka, the neigbors are taunting me. Babli says I have called Anokhi on Vineet’s words. He asks what. She asks Papa ji to say something, Anokhi can stay for a night. Papa ji says Babli is saying right, its about our respect.

Shaurya gets Babli’s address as guardian. He says guardian isn’t Shaan. He notes down the address. Ravi praises Anokhi’s smartness. Anokhi arrives at Babli’s house. They hug. Mummy ji shouts on Babli. Papa ji blesses Anokhi. Anokhi greets them. Anokhi says thanks for letting me stay here. Vineet says just for one night. Mummy ji says don’t try to get comfortable here. Anokhi says I will get a hostel room tomorrow. He says no one gets a room in the hostel easily. Mummy ji asks how did she get admission, maybe she has a lover here, some rich man. Vineet says no, else she would have not come here. Anokhi stops Babli. Papa ji asks Babli to take Anokhi inside.

Inspector asks did you threaten Aastha and throw stones at her house. Raja recalls doing it. Bhalla says we didn’t do it. Biji says my son is a railway officer, Raja is an engineer, why would they do it. Bhalla asks do you have evidence. Inspector says no, we will find it. Bhalla says find proof first. Police goes. Rama asks Raja to say did he do this. Bhalla scolds Rama. Biji asks Rama to go and get her medicines. Raja says police should have gone to Aastha’s house, she should get punished. Bhalla says I don’t care now, Anokhi is dead for me. Rama says when Anokhi makes you proud, what would you say.

Babli hugs Anokhi and apologizes. Anokhi says don’t be sorry, once I pass in the college studies, they will talk to me with respect, did Vineet raise hand on you. Babli says no, I got courage from you. She says I will get breakfast for you. Anokhi says I was thinking to talk to Aastha. She calls Aastha. She says please answer the call. Babli gets the tea and breakfast. Anokhi says you returned the homely feeling to me. Love you zindagi…plays…. Shaurya’s driver Makhan Singh comes home to ask for Anokhi.

Anokhi says who, no one knows I m here. She goes and sees him. He asks her to eat almonds, he is Shaurya’s driver, he came to help her at the police station, but she refused. He says Sir wants to meet you. She asks right now, where. She goes and sees Shaurya in the car. She asks did I do anything wrong. He says you answered the questions. She says I answered everything right, I passed the interview. He says you won’t get admission so soon after passing the interview, you need to submit original transfer certificate and pay basic fees. Anokhi says I m a scholarship student, Aastha told this to Shaan. Shaurya says scholarship doesn’t matter, if you don’t submit papers and fees till tomorrow, then your admission will be rejected.