Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 8th March 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Shaurya and Anokhi running to save themselves. He asks her not to go, she will die and get him dead too. She says you can go if you worry for your life, I will find Aastha myself. He asks why are you so stubborn. She says I will find Aastha, else I won’t get sleep. He says I have a mind, when you can see the situation is bad, its better to leave, we can help others when we are safe. He holds her and says we won’t get Aastha here. She says we will find her. He says do anything. She goes. He says she will get senses on her own. He goes after her. She gets scared seeing the riots. Shaurya looks for her. She runs towards a car. The car blasts. He finds her lying unconscious and runs to her. He goes to save her. Ahir comes there. Shaurya takes Anokhi in his arms. Mai yaar yaar kehna….plays… Ahir gets shocked seeing her hurt and runs to them. He asks is Anokhi fine, put her in my car, we will take her to the hospital.

Shaurya says my car is here. Ahir says your car won’t get clearance, follow my car, come. Shaurya says I won’t leave her alone. Ahir says fine, go. They leave. Shaurya asks Anokhi to open her eyes, they are going to the hospital, nothing will happen to her. Ahir asks her to open her eyes. Anokhi opens eyes and sees Ahir. They reach the hospital. Shaurya asks the best doctor to treat her. Nurse asks them to stay outside. Shaurya and Ahir worry. Anokhi gets treated. Shaurya thinks I should have not left her outside. He recalls the blast. He recalls everything. He faints down. Ahir checks him. Doctor says Anokhi’s state is bad. Gayatri asks Shaan to take care of himself. Shaan says its all because of me. Gayatri says its not your fault. Shaan says I left her alone. She asks did you find anything about her. He says no, my friend is a private investigator. He gets a call. He says Aastha is at some restaurant. She asks him to go fast. He leaves. Alok hears this.

He calls his men and says you should get Aastha before Shaan reaches, I m also reaching. Doctor says nothing to worry, smoke got filled in your lungs because of the blast. Shaurya asks about Anokhi. Doctor asks him to rest. Shaurya says I want to see her once. Doctor says your breathing isn’t fine. Nurse says Anokhi got conscious. Shaurya says I need to go. Ahir is with Anokhi. Shaurya runs to her. Anokhi thanks Ahir for saving her life. Ahir says its okay. Shaurya looks on and goes out. Anokhi faints again. Shaurya comes in and goes to call the doctor. He asks doctor to check her. Ahir says she just spoke to me and fainted. Shaurya says someone gave me wrong info and sent us there. Ahir says info wasn’t wrong, timing was wrong.

Shaurya says very well planned, right time entry. He taunts Ahir. Doctor asks them to wait outside. Ahir says I thought you and Anokhi don’t like each other, I have always seen you both fighting on the same thing, I m glad to see you caring for her. Shaurya says she is my student, I have concern for her. Ahir says I thought you are selfish and arrogant, but you did a lot for her, your image is changing in my mind. Shaurya says thanks for my character analysis, sorry but its not your work to judge people, but to help people, Aastha is still missing, Anokhi is working more than you.