Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 9th April 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Anokhi talking to her team about the fest. She looks for Shaurya. Reema says you are looking for your PS. Anokhi says no. Reema says I know everything. Anokhi says I m finding Shaurya, but not like that, I want to know if he is fine. Reema asks her to call him. Anokhi says if he thinks wrong then. Reema says it means your truth can come out. Anokhi says I don’t want to get into this. Reema says fine, I will go for dance rehearsals. Kanchan says Shaurya likes Anokhi. Gayatri says it means he was telling about Anokhi that day, I thought he is saying about Shagun, if Devi knows it then….

Kanchan says Shaurya has got the girl he likes, she is so good. Gayatri says she is just like Aastha. Shaurya and Anokhi see each other and smile. Ishq tera….plays… He thinks I want to know if you have the same feelings for me. Gayatri says don’t take Anokhi’s name here, don’t talk to Shaurya about this, I can’t see the same thing happening again. Devi talks to Shagun. Shagun says I feel so guilty. Devi says you have to keep patience, he is scared of any confrontation, he will not even see you. Shagun says its okay, at least we will get a clarity. Devi says it will be a disaster, trust me, it will be a special holi for today. Babli helps Anokhi. Anokhi thanks her for help. Babli thanks Anokhi. They decorate the place. Babli says Vineet will play holi with friends, I will lie and come here. Anokhi says everything is ready. Shaurya’s PA goes. Babli says get ready and come. Anokhi says I don’t want to come, I don’t want any credit, but peace.

Shaurya imagines Anokhi with him. She imagines him with her. They help each other select the clothes. Jo tera hovega….plays… She gets ready. He asks will you wear this, try something different. He gives her a yellow rose. She says I don’t want to go. Shaurya says you have to wear what I like. Anokhi says I couldn’t decide if I want to go or not, what will I wear. Saberwals come in the holi party. He dances with the family. Cutie pie…. plays…

Devi talks to Shagun. She says I will tell you when to come, your entry should be like a heroine. Alok asks who are you talking. She says boutique lady, I will just come. She goes. He says Devi keeps things ready a week before, she is hiding something. Anmol wishes Kitty and asks where is Bebo. She says she is ill. He asks is she alone at home. She says no, Shaan is with her. Shaurya calls her. She thinks I will answer, maybe he has to tell something. Devi says its time, all the best. Shaurya sees Shagun dancing with the girls. He gets shocked. He goes after her. She leaves. He says she can’t be Shagun, no ways, what will she do here. He sees someone else.