Shocking – Raghbir is the murderer of Bani in Bepanah Pyaar

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The mystery of Bani’s murder is finally solved. The real face of the Malhotra family member who plotted Bani’s death has been unveiled.

The ongoing track showcases a very challenging time for Pragati, who is hunting for Bani’s culprit.

And this time, a mysterious letter is read by Pragati, in which Raghbir is proved to be the real murderer of Bani.

The letter shocks Pragati. She did not think that Raghbir has an evil motive behind pretending to love Bani unconditionally.

She confronts Raghbir.

In the new promo, Raghbir is seen wearing a black hooded t-shirt and cutting the wood log because of which Bani fell from the cliff.

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