Story 9 Months Ki 2nd December 2020 Written Episode Written Update

Alia catching Veer in the hotel. She goes behind him. Veer is shocked to see her and says what a pleasant surprise? He hugs her and asks if she came for the meeting. Rabia says I didn’t know that this hotel name is Dubai. Alia asks when did you come? Veer says in the morning, for your baby window. Rabia shows the message on Alia’s phone and says this message came last night. Nitya comes there and says last night, you have forgotten you wallet here. Alia gets shocked. Rabia confronts Veer if he was with Nitya leaving his wife. Alia gets Rahul’s call and she goes. Rabia says I am angry on you, that Alia wasted her 6 years on loser like you. She says it is not her loss, but yours. She congratulates Nitya for self centered and selfish guy. She comes to Alia and says we will talk. Alia says I have a meeting, we will talk later. She goes in her car.

Sarangdhar comes to eat vada pav at the roadside stall. Alia stops the car right there. He is about to give Alia’s note to the vada pav seller, but takes it back, gives another note.

Rabia calls Alia and says you deserve better, every end has a new beginning. She says whatever happened is for best. Sarangdhar runs to hold the flying balloons and falls on Alia’s car. Alia looks at Sarangdhar as he tries to take off the balloon. Rabia says God is planning something good for you. Alia says I will talk to you later Rabia. She leaves and rings the horn. Sarangdhar looks on and tells the balloon guy that he will go and meet the publisher for the book. Manju comes to the office and asks other employee if Alia decide to fire her. He says it is office protocol that expecting mother don’t work overtime. Sarangdhar meets the publisher and tells that he is MA in English Literature, but writes in hindi. He says he had written a story which he lost as his laptop is not working. She asks him to write a novel after hearing his poetry on mother. She hopes to see him soon.

Manju also tells the same/similar poem to Alia and others. Alia likes it instantly and says we can present this for Sinhas. An employee shows the gift boxes made by some group. Veer calls Alia and asks her to meet him in the hotel. Alia says ok. He thanks her. Alia looks at Manju and recalls discussing with Veer about the baby at the age of 30. A fb is shown, Veer says I am ready now. She says she is focused on dilse now. He asks her to think if she wants to become a mother then he might not want to become a papa. He says your planning might mismatch. Fb ends. She gets teary eyes.

Sarangdhar talks to his Amma on call and says nobody liked my writing. His mother says you write so well and gives example of Sholay and Amitabh Bachchan’s struggle. He says I will do writing job somewhere until I write my book. He ends the call. Sulaiman asks Ramesh why did you keep extra man in the house. Ramesh asks why are you arguing and tells that everything will be shared now, rent, electricity bill etc. Gurpal says he came to become a writer and that means he is jobless. Ramesh asks him to talk to Sarangdhar. Sarangdhar comes there. Ramesh says they want to talk to you.

Sarangdhar thanks them for letting him stay here, else don’t know where I would have stayed. He says I have something with me, shows Mathura Peda and Mango pickle. Sulaiman eats peda. Gurpal takes the achaar. Ramesh says you both want to talk to him. Sulaiman and Gurpal asks him about the rent of the room, which is 6000 Rs and asks him to share with them. They ask for advance. Sarangdhar gives the advance money and realizes that he has given money given by Alia. He takes it back from Gurpal and tells that it is someone else. I have to give it and checks Alia’s address. He comes to know about Dilse and asks how to reach there? They say local train. Manju tells Sarangdhar’s poem to Sinhas. Alia thinks of his conversation with Veer. Sarangdhar comes to Alia’s office and looks at her.

Precap: Alia tells that they don’t need any writer to someone. Later she gets drunk and falls. He holds her. Alia asks him to leave her. He says if I leave you, then you will fall. He looks at her