Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 10th May 2019 Written Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with everyone discussing about Kainat and Hamza’s marriage. Rubina says Hamza will become a good groom. She compliments Kainat. Kainat goes away. Saltanat thinks to find some way to stop this alliance. Kainat gets restless thinking about the alliance forming. She thinks of the dress and goes to kitchen. She burns the dress. The maid shouts to Zainab and asks her to come fast. Kainat sees the dress burning. The fire spreads in the kitchen. Kainat looks on. Everyone comes there and sees Kainat stuck inside the fire.

Zaroon jumps inside the fire to save Kainat. He holds her and takes her out of the fire. She recalls his words. She just looks at him, while he rescues her. She faints in his arms. He brings her out. Saltanat smiles. Hamza comes to meet Kainat. Doctor checks her. Nadim says she is out of danger, don’t worry. Zaroon says she is fine, calm down. Zainab worries for Kainat. Doctor says she has no injuries, she is just in a shock, take care of her. Zainab sits with Kainat.

Kainat cries on her fate. Saltanat looks on and goes away sadly. She says Kainat is fine, there is nothing to worry. Mamoon says I don’t know how this fire got ignited. Saltanat says it would be an accident. Everyone goes. Saltanat stops Zaroon and sees the burn on his hand. She worries for him. Zaroon says its fun to get hurt by saving someone’s life. She smiles. Sufiyana ishq…..plays… She holds his hand. He says fast will break. She kisses his wound. He smiles. She says this is to say thanks for saving Kainat. She says I wish every girl of this world gets a husband like you. He smiles.

Ghazala and Rubina give clothes and jewellery to the maid and ask her to do a favor for them. Ghazala asks who has ignited the fire. Rubina asks did Kainat ignite the fire. The maid says fire was already lit. Rubina scolds her for lying. Saltanat comes and argues with Rubina. She says a big accident happened and Kainat was in danger, it happened because of short circuit, you are thinking of all this. She takes the maid with her and apologizes.

Zaroon says you can see the love of entire world, except mine. Saltanat says I know you will say your love is more true, Kainat’s action proved you wrong. Zaroon accepts her challenge.