Tera Mera Saath Rahe 19th October 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Nikhila says we don’t know any Radhika.. Gopika says who’s Radhika? Baa says it’s you. Gopika says what? Baa says you said you can’t stand with Kanha ji but Radhika can. She’s brave and she can do anything for Kanha. Gopika says but I burned it. Baa says Radhika sent it. She knew Saksham needs it. Saksham’s dada used to send me designs the same way. Modi says it’s so pretty. Nikhila asys this Radhika is very talented. Saksham says I should thank her. Gopika says but there is no Radhika. Baa says pick the the phone. Gopika says how can i speak like Radhika? Baa says you saved Saksham and that’s your design. You are being like the DIL Nikhila wanted.

Saksham says hello Radhika ji.. Gopika is scared. She doesn’t speak. Baa says use the phone when you feel like talking. Mr. modi says I will send the thank you gifts. He hugs Saksham and says congratulations on finalizing this deal and becoming managing director of the company. Nikhila says my Saksham will lead the business. Chiragh says let’s party. Nikhila says we will do the havan first. Saksham says can we invite Radhika? She says yes, we should.

Scene 2
Mohan and Ramila fight. Ramila says the house will be all clean once Gopika comes back. Hitain says I have an interview. I need a clean shirt. She says you will get clean shirts when Gopika comes back. Mohan says she will never come back. She will stay happy in her house.

Scene 3
VJ calls Tejal and says where are you? She says do you want to meet me? I am happy. He says where are you? She says going to havan. Gopika says Tejal I wanted to congratulate saksham. What to say in English? Tejal says you’re so illetrate. It’s called congratulations.

Gopika comes to the room. Saksham is getting ready. Gopika says congrat.. He says what are you doing here? This Radhika helped me and you only ruined time. I don’t have time for you. Please leave. Gopika leaves. She sees the phone near Nikhila. Gopika is scared. Gopika picks it and says it’s my phone. Nikhila says keep your stuff in guest room only. saksham texts on that number. He sends a voice note, please come to the havan. This havan is incomplete without you. Gopika says Radhika will come.

Scene 4
RAmila hires a new maid and says you will do dishes, laundry and cooking. The maid says I will take 6k. Ramila says it’s not even 1k. The maid says that’s the cost. Your house is so dirty. Ramila says I need to get my Gopika back soon.

Gopika gets ready. She listens to the voice note again and smiles. Ramila video calls Aashi. She says Chiraghh will never go against Saksham. Ramila says Minal does the same. We have to turn them against Nikhila and Saksham. Aashi says everyone calls Nikhila devi. Minal can’t even say a word here. She thinks there is nothing wrong. Nikhila says we will remind them this house is Minal’s. Nikhila says Saksham did you invite Radhika? He says I sent her an invite. Nikhila says she helped us. I would be grateful if she comes to havaan. Aashi comes. Nikhila says why are you getting late? She says did you take Saksham’s parents’ kundlis? She says yes. Aashi says can we take Gopika? Nikhila says guests can’t go everywhere. They leave. Gopika sees them leaving. She runs after the car but they leave.

Everyone comes to the temple. Aashi says Ramila you? She says I came here for pooja. Aashi you didn’t tell you were coming here? I come here every day. Gopika says they didn’t take me to the havan. Saksham calls on Radhika’s number. Chiragh says she’s not picking? Saksham says I want her to work with us. I felt like I was taking her credit. She should get all the money and credit for her work.