Tera Mera Saath Rahe 20th January 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Aashi brings Priya to the room. She says couldn’t you see? You spilled it on me. Aashi says sorry I slipped. Aashi hits her on head with a vase. Priya faints. She says you came in sack and will go back in suitcase. She puts Priya in the suitcase. Aashi says Gopika get up. She throws water on her face. Aashi says Gopika get up. Who sleeps like this on their wedding day. Get up. Aashi picks her up. She spills oil on her dupatta too. Gopika says what are you doing? Aashi says who sleeps like this? It’s your wedding let’s go. Gopika says my head hurts, I slept? Aashi says let’s go. Aashi says the wedding has started. Gopika says but I am here. Aashi says the groom’s rituals, Let’s go. It’s getting late. She takes her downstairs.

Priya moves in the suitcase. Aashi says Gopoika is here. Minal says what did baa say? Gopika says what? Minal says ghunghat will be down till the rituals. Minal says the oil didn’t remove? Aashi says I tried to but it didn’t clean. Aashi says I hope Gopika doesn’t speak to Saksham. Saksham says why are you silent? Gopika says we are getting married, we can talk all our life. Aashi says everything is perfect now. Priya will stay in suitcase, I will throw her in the river. No no, I don’t want murder charges. She laughs. She says I will get her arrested. Nikhila says what is she thinking? Chiragh asys you look good while smiling. She shows him the cheque. Chiragh says well done.

Scene 2
Gopika’s head hurts. Gopika says something is wrong. Priya gets out of the suitcase. Gopika doesn’t feel well. Sakshm holds Gopika’s hand. Pandit ji asks them to stand for garlands. Saksham makes gopika wear the garland and so does she. Priya looks out. Mama ji calls Priya and says where are you? She says we have to start plan B. Nikhila says this is my daughter. She ties their knot. Minal says I am from Saksham’s side but you’re myd aughter too. Mama ji mixes oil in the arti. The havan spreads a lot of smoke. Everyone coughs. Nikhila says what’s happening. Priya wears a mask and comes out.

Everyone coughs in the hall. Saksham holds Gopika’s hand. Priya comes there. She says my Saksham will be mine only. Everyone runs around. Priya shoves Aashi. Gopika holds her. Nikhila says Chiragh open all the windows. Priya puts a napkin on Gopika’s face. she afints. Gopika tries to call Saksham but he’s lookin the other way. Priya takes Gopika from there. The smoke gets better. Nikhila says where is Gopika? Aashi check in her room.

Scene 3
Priya shoves Gopika in the room. She says this faints everyone and you’re fine? Do you do drugs? Gopika says you do drugs. You act too smart. Nikhila says you have started using your brain. Gopika says I knew you were behind all this. I never smelled it. Priya says you can now. she shoves it on her face. Gopika shoves her. Priya says I will kill you if you don’t faint now. Gopika shoves her and says Saksham is only mine. My family will be here in a bit. They both fight. Priya says you..

Aashi comes there. She says Priya.. Priya puts knife of Aashi. She says I will kill her. Smell this. Aashi says run downstairs. Don’t listen to her. Priya says you know I can kill her. Gopika says I will smell it, leave her. Aashi says no Gopika. Go downstairs. Priya brings the knife closer. Gopika says tell me what to do. Priya says smell it.

Episode ends

Precap-Nikhila says take off the ghunghat. She takes it off, it’s Priya. She says hello sasu maa. Gopika comes there and screams no..