Tera Mera Saath Rahe 20th October 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Pandit ji asks for Saksham’s parents’ kundlis. He reads Minal and Keshap Modil. Everyone is shocked. Nikhila says Aashi.. she says sorry badi maa you asked for his parent’s kundlis. Ramila says Minal gave birth to her. And kundli should be given of his mother. Sorry of I am wrong. Nikhila asks minal to sit in the pooja. Saksham says no. Maa you will sit here. Saksham says let get the kundli. Baa says you stay here. Gopika will bring it.

Baa calls Gopika and asks her to get kundli. She finds it under the bed. Gopika steps on broken glass. Baa says to pandit ji Gopiak must be coming. Saksham calls on Gopika’s number. He says Radhika ji will you come? We will really like it. Gopika says hmm. Gopiak picks the kundli and starts walking.

Pandit ji says time is running out. Nikhila says it’s coming. He says if it gets late we will have to start with Minal’s. Gopika gets a rickshaw. Aashi says Gopika’s phone is out of reach. Asshi says she won’t come. Saksham waits for Radhika.

Scene 2
The route is closed for cars. Gopika says to the policeman let me walk at least. Nikhila comes to see outside and says gopika can never do anything. Gopika sees Tejal and VJ. VJ says to Tejal what do you think of yourself? Everyoen will know how cheap are you. He shows her photo of them being intimate. He leaves. Tejal cries. She runs away. She drops the photo. Gopika picks it. She runs after VJ. Gopika says why are you doing this? He says so you’re the illetrate bhabhi? Gopika says whoever I am, you are educated. Why are you doing this to Tejal? He says this photo will go viral. Gopika says what do you want? He leaves.

Nikhila says it’s getting late. Minal come sit in the havan. Start the havan pandit ji. Pandit ji is about to start. Gopika comes in with the kundli. Nikhila stops her. She says it’s late already. Saksham looks at Gopika. Baa is sad.

Scene 3
The media comes to Modi house. They ask Nikhila and Saksham about the dsigner. Saksham says it’s Radhika. Gopika looks at Tejal’s photo and says I need to save her. Gopika comes to Tejal. Tejal is crying. Tejal says please go from here. Gopika shows her the photo. She says I feel so bad he bahaved that way with you. Tejal says how did you get this photo? Gopika says I kept it safe. No one saw it. Gopika says don’t be scared. We are all with you. Show this to maa ji and tell her everything. Don’t be scared. Tejal says stop spying on me. You’re the most scared person in this house. You are not even part of our family. Go out to of my room. She locks the door. Tejal cries. Gopika says listen to me Tejal. She says Tejal needs help. I needto tell Saksham or maa ji.

Nikhila stops Gopika. gopika says I want to tell something important about Tejal. Nikhila says why do you always ruin things? It’s a big day for Saksham and I won’t let you do anything wrong. Gopika says maa ji.. Nikhila says don’t call me maa ji. I believed you and you broke my trust. For a moment I trusted you again today that you will bring my kundli but you got late. Gopika says I was coming but that guy.. Nikhila says leave us alone.