Tera Mera Saath Rahe 25th January 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Everyone looks for Gopika. Minal says call her. Chiragh says she’s not out. I looked everywhere. Saksham says I am going to police. Priya says no baby. She left the house, focus on the new bride. Nikhila says get out of this house. we will never own you. Priya says don’t forget I am the owner of this house. You might have to leave the house if you mess with me. Welcome the new bride now with all the rituals. Do my greh parevesh. Priya brings Kalash and says welcome me now.

Gopika kicks the kalash instead. Everyone is shocked. Nikhila says welcome. Saksham says where were you? Nikhila says we were so worried. You shouldn’t have left the house. Priya says she’s to go back. This is my house. Gopika brings her suitcase. Priya says packing your things? Chiragh says you don’t have to go. Minal says you don’t have to go. Nikhila says please stay. Gopika says I am not going. I want alimony. It’s 7 crore. I won’t go without having my money. I will stay in this house till then. Everyone is shocked.

Saksham says what are yo saying. Minal says what are you saying? Gopika says I considered this family mine. Your son betrayed me. He married me but never conisdered me his wife? Had an affair with his friend and married her? I want only 7 crore for this damage. Saksham says Gopika how do I prove I love you? She says fill this bag with this cash. I can forgive you. Priya says you won’t get a penny. Gopika says I will drag you to court. I will send you all to jail if I don’t get my money. I can call NGOs and media too. I will get Modi jewelers shut down. Keshap says what are you saying.

Nikhila says I know you are hurt but all this doesn’t suit you. We are all with you. Gopika says my son betrayed me. You know very well how a woman is treated when her husband leaves her for another woman. Minal says what are you saying. Gopika says I can’t live without these things now. Saksham says you can’t talk to my mom like that. Gopika says I am not being disrespectful. Whatever I am doing is open, not behind the back like you. Chiragh says Priya is fooling everyone. Priya says give money, I will go. Aashi says what’s wrong with you? Gopika says I married Saksham for money, yes I loved you after that. I need to live rest of my life good. Give me money and then I will go. Priya says this is the kind of DIL you brought. I love saksham. Gopika says after 51% share? Saksham says I need time. Gopika says I will stay here till then. I will stay in my room. Saksham says I won’t leave my room. Gopika says sure. Priya says Saksham how can you live with her? Give her that room, we will live in guestroom. Gopika goes to the room.

Scene 2
Aashi calls Ramila and says Gopika hased asked for 7 crore. Ramila says you’re joking. Aashi says no. Ramila faints. She says 7 crore? Aashi says I only got 10 lacs. Ramila says I should talk to Gopika. She needs me. I should be like her mom. Aashi says I should also be with Gopika.

Gopika comes to the room. Priya comes there. Gopika says did you leave something here? It’s not your room. Priya says are you shocked? Gopika says don’t worry. You will get dark circles, Saksham will get scared. Priya says stop this drama. Take small things and get lost. Gopika says what if I don’t go? Priya says I will kick you out. Gopika says that’s my life. She drags Priya. Priya says you are hurting me. Gopika says I will get my money, I am the villain now. Don’t do this drama with me. Priya says you’re hurting me. Gopika says you took my husband and family. I will take it back. Priya says he doesn’t love you. Gopika says it’s fun stealing other people’s husbands. I wanna enjoy that too.

Episode ends

Precap-Saksham says you wanna calculate money? Return my mother’s love, all the gifts. Gopika says what gifts? These pictures? They have no value. She burns them. Saksham is shocked.