Tera Mera Saath Rahe 6th December 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Nikhila asks gopika you look worried. Aashi says she must be missing us. Let’s go in. Chiragh says let’s go. Priya says surprise. It’s his birthday. I missed it the last time so tonight to celebrate it. Saksham says what are you saying? She says it can get embarrassing. Aashi runs in. Gopika comes in and sees saksham cutting the cake. He’s about to make priya eat. Gopika standa in front of her. She tells saksham the entire family is here. Saksham says happy birthday Gopika. Nikhila says I’m so happy for you both. Priya says she celebrated her birthday.

Saksham introduces his family. The client asks priya who was thus girl? Priya says his sister.
Nikhila says what is priya doing here? Saksham says I hired her as the chief designer. Nikhila says this was for Gopika’s birthday why did you invite office people then? Priya says I shouldn’t have come. Saksham holds Gopika’s hand and says let’s go say bye to everyone. He comes in with Gopika. Gopika says thanks for not telling them. He says how did you get here? And how did you get this dress? She says your staff gave it to me and brought me here. He says you could ask. If maa found out this is client party she would be hurt. You could at least tell me. Gopika says sorry. He says let it be. Smile now so maa thinks we had a great time.

Scene 2
Nikhila asks Priya where are you coming? She says with you. I will get lift and I like you. Nikhila says our paths are different. Call an auto for yourself. She says Saksham and Gopika you come together. Saksham and Gopika leave. Priya’s uncle come and says I was also partying inside. It wa sso much fun. It’s not gonna be easy for you. Priya says I will make Saksham mine. Priya says now you see how I get into Modi house.

Scene 3
Saksham says in heart I was wrong to Gopika. I missed her birthday and scolded her. Priya shoves her uncle in front of Saksham’s car. It hits him. They’re are in Modi house. They call the doctor. Priya says are you okay uncle? The doctor says he will be okay soon. Nikhila says saksham I didn’t get one thing. How didhis wheelchair come in front of your car? Minal says he drives very carefully. Uncle says Priya you tell them. Priya says I shoved him. Everyone is shocked. Aashi says what? What if your uncle died? chiragh says why did you do it? Priya says I was looking for the auto and I tripped. Uncle says for a moment I wanted to kill the one who hit me. But then I realized it was Saksham. Priya cries and says my uncle is all I have. I am so scared for him. Saksham says it all happened because of me. I will get him treated. He will stay here until he’s okay. Priya says how can he live here? He says you wull also live with us. Everyone is shocked. Priya says in heart I will never leave this house. Nikhila says if that’s what you want then okay. We have to take care of him until he’s okay they can live here. I will make sure he gets better and you both leave soon. Gopika says Pirya don’t worry Priya I will take care of uncle. Priya says in heart I am not going anywhere.