Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 24th January 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Devraj comes in Daksh’s room. He keeps calling Maya’s name. Jaya also comes there. He says I thought Daksh called me. Jaya says he’s still unconscious. doctor said we have to take care of him. Jaya asks where did you go? She says don’t wanna tell? Why did you let her go? He says Maya.. Jaya says I am talking about Krisha. Why did you let her go? I know you didn’t want her to live a fake life here as Maya but she could stay here as Krisha. Even if there was no mission, for yourself. For your happiness. Devraj this time isn’t to think about myself but Daksh. I’ve to take care of him and keep him happy. That’s my life mission. Jaya says what about your life? Devraj says it’s all useless now. I can live alone. Soemone is there in hoodie. It’s Roma.

Scene 2
Krisha is working online. Yash says do you really wanna go to Chennai? She says I will go in two days to arrange things then would call you all. Yash says you really wanna go? She says how many times would you ask. I want to go. I want to make my parents smile not make them cry. I will finish my degree too. Her dad and Sudha come to. Her dad says are you doing it for yourself or to show Devraj? Krisha says I know I love him a lot. i’ve no other option. I know why he did all this. But it won’t change the truth. I trusted him but it was all a lie. He told me all of this. There was no love in that marriage, how could I live with it? Sudha says did she say he didn’t love you? Krisha recalls he said good bye. Krisha says he never answerd me. Sudha says he never said a no either. Her dad says you think there’s love between your mom and me? Krisha says everyone knows how much you both love each other. He says how many times do you think we’ve confessed our love? Sudha says love is shown with actions and silence. It doesn’t need to be said out loud. why do you love Devraj?

Krisha says he cares too much for others. He never demeaned anyone. His brother matters the most to him. But he lied to me about so many thing. It was all a drama. Her dad says he saved your life, it can’t be a drama. He risked his life to save you and you think he doesn’t love you? Krisha says he forced me to stay in that house and threatened to harm you all. Yash says he kept an eye on us not to harm us. But to help us. Krisha says what do you mean? Yash says it was him who got papa treated. Krisha says I asked him. But he said he doesn’t need to tell me. Sudha says like he never answered if he loves you. But we have seen it in his eyes. Her dad says we also had doubts. But then I realized he is a helpless brother. Krisha says I know he regrets all this. He’s a good human. Her dad says he apologized to you and you forgave him. If he asked you to pretend for Daksh, would you say no? Krisha says no. He says Devraj sent you home. He wants you to live your life freely. openly. You’re his wife, he could stop you but he didn’t. Sudha says he’s the prince you dreamed of. Her dad says your mom and I had a lot of problems too but we didn’t leave each other. Sudha says don’t run away from life. Choose it. Make your own fairytale. It’s in your hands. Her dad says this is always your home. We are with you in whatever you decide. Make the right decision.

Scene 3
Sudha asks Yash did Krisha say anything? He says no. Krisha works on her laptop. She recalls what her parents said. Krisah gets a call from the HR of the hotel. The girl says we got a recommendation letter for you. Mr. Devraj Rathore recommended you as the senior manager. You can join us directly. Hoping to see you see. Krisha says he wrote it himself?

Krisha comes out. They see her bag. Krisha says I am going to Chennai. My flight is in 2 hours. Sudha says but.. Her dad stops Sudha. He says go and let us know when you reach. Krisha hugs them. Yash asks Krisha are you sure? She says I have done a job before too. He says will you be able to live without Devraj? She says yes. He says why are you eating nuts?? You eat them when you’re stressed. He says we are driving past ambikapur. If you want I can drive you fast. She says drive fast. HE says there are bumps on the road. It wants you to stop as well. Krisha says shut up. Krisha says if I go to him, I will never be able to leave. Stay happy always. I will pray for you.

Scene 4
Yash parks the car. DEvraj is in parking to. His manager says madam has booked this flight, it’s on time. Devraj says has she boarded? He says no. Krisha is in the car next to him.

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