Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 7th January 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Devraj asks what were you doing with these photos? She says I keep getting lost so I can know the stairs and ways. He says to get out of this castle? What were you thinking? Krisha says nothing. They hear something breaking upstairs. Krisha says what’s that noise? He says let me check. Everyone gathers in the hall. Ugra says what was that noise? Menakshi says I didn’t even know there was a way upstairs from here. Jaya says Devraj will handle it. Krisha says they don’t even know the way upstairs in all these years.

Devraj says the window was open. It shut with wind. Jaya says she must have let it open. Roma says we have to do something. Devraj says there should be no noise. Jaya says how can we hide it? Everyone was asking. I can’t keep lying. Devraj we should shift her. Devraj says it’s too late. we missed it when we had a chance. We have to give her right place to her. Krisha is overhearing it. Krisha wonders what were they talking about? Whose place? Who? Devraj comes in room. Krisha says was anyone injured? He says a window broke. Krisha says is there anyone upstairs? He says no. Krisha says who was painting there then? He says what painting? She says there’s fresh pain on your hands. Devraj recalls it and touches paint tray while stopping her. Devraj says there’s some renovation going on. Krisha says this is a lie. He says what? She says this is canvas paint not wall paint. Are they fooling you? I can check the painters. Devraj says enough. You stay here. Don’t go upstairs. There are workers there. Krisha says in heart I will find out what’s going on.

Scene 2
Devraj is working. He says we have 15 minutes to complete it. Krisha says I have 15 minutes. Krisha asks Aarav can we do something with this tracker? I only have 15 minutes. He fuses it. Aarav says but where are you going? She says I can’t tell. Aarav says come back in 15 minutes please. Krisha tries to open the shelf. She says how does it open? Jaya comes. She says what are you doing here? Krisha says I was looking for a book. Jaya says I’ve arranged a havan for Devraj. I wanted you to choose the clothes. Krisha says I have many. Jaya says you can’t repeat. Come with me, I will show you some options. Krisha says I’ve to call papa. Let me come after that. Jaya says okay I am waiting. she leaves. Krisha tries to open it.

Ugra says to Rati come have tea with me. I don’t want Raghav to feel that I neglected you in his absence. Krisha looks at them and says that’s so good. Some books fall from the shelf. Krisha sees a button. She presses it. The shelf rotates. Krisha comes inside. It’s dark. Krisha says it’s too dark. She looks for switch. Krisha sees stairs. She says these go up towards my room’s roof? This is that place.

Scene 3
Rati takes the tea but it falls from her hands. She faints. Rati starts getting paralyzed.

Krisha comes upstairs and says what is this place? She sees a door. Krisha tries to open it. She peeks inside and sees a woman’s dress. Krisha says who is that? Who is Devraj trying to hide from me. Only 5 miuntes are left. Devraj wraps up his meeting. Aarav sees him and says Devraj’s meeting ended. If he checks the phone he will know. Aarav tries to distract Devraj. He says we don’t have general knowledge. I wanna know your views on politics.

Naina says to Ugra what you’re giving to Rati is slow. Ugra says her vision is getting bad. It’s slow but permanent. Rati looks at a baby’s picture and says you will be cute like this. Come to your mama soon. She tries to see but she can’t. Ugra calls Rati. Rati tries to get up but she can’t. Ugra says come to my room. I want to talk to you. Rati says I am coming. She tries to walk but she can’t.

Scene 4
Krisha tries to come near the door. She sees through the keyhold. Krisha sees a dupatta. The woman looks out too. Krisha gets scared. Krisha says who is that? Ugra spills water on the stairs. Ugra says now Rati will come here, slip and die. No one can blame us. They leave. Rati is coming there. Ugra and Naina hide. Rati can’t see.

Krisha peeks in again. Rati calls her. Rati says I am fainting. I can’t see. Please help me. Krisha says where are you? Rati says I am going to mummy ji’s room. Krisha says don’t move. Rati says I will manage. Krisha says stay there I am coming. The phone cuts. Krisha looks at the time.