Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 16th April 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Jogi brings Mahi inside and takes her upstairs. Mahi says leave me Jogi. He says I won’t. Mahi says stop it. You are a cheat. He drops her on bed. He says you can curse me as much as you want. Mahi says this isn’t funny. He says that’s why you’re staying here. Mahi says I don’t wanna hear all this. This marriage is a joke. He says God made this relationship. I will fulfill it. Mahi tries to leave, Jogi locks her. Mahi says Jogi open the door. She looks at herself in the mirror. She sees her sindur. Mahi says who did this? Mata Rani? My fate? I am not the old Mahi. No one can decide for myself.

Rupa recalls what Jogi said. She says my son is going away from me for that girl. She will break our house. Rupa cleans the Kalash. Biji says what are you doing. She says cleaning this mess. I told you Jogi and Mahi are a disaster together. Biji says you can’t find a better girl than her. She takes away her broom and picks the rice. Rupa says I will kick Mahi out at all costs. All troubles in this house happened because of Mahi and her family.

Jogi cooks. He makes rotis. Biji says wow, it smells so good. You proved you’re the best son. Your mom would be so happy to see the food you made for her and Mahi. Mahi will be so happy. No one can love her the way you do. He says please taste. Biji tastes and says it’s so good. Jogi takes the food to Rupa. She doesn’t look at him. Jogi says you can be mad at me but not the food. You taught me that. We should respect food. If you don’t wanna eat let me trash it. You will get the sin. She says stop. She takes it and goes to her room.

Arjun recalls what happened. He drinks and breaks the glass. Pappu and Chanda come there. Arjun says I will kill Jogi Mahi for insulting me. Chanda says let me see Arjun. Rai says this is our family matter. Chanda says he’s not well. Rai says I won’t let anyone meet Arjun especially someone related to Chopra family. Pappu says Chanda loves Arjun and I can prove that. He says how? Pappu says by ruining Jogi and Mahi’s life. Chanda says will take revenge of Arjun’s insult. We will make their life hell. I promise you. He says okay let’s see. I will get you married to Arjun and will give the ticket to you Pappu. Go handle him. Chanda says thank you, uncle. She goes inside.

Jogi brings food to Mahi’s room. she tries to hit him with a rod. He holds it and says are you crazy? Mahi falls. Jogi says you can hit me. It’s okay. Jogi says I love you. I will tolerate anything. I love you. For you it must all be rubbish. What do you see in my eyes? She says betrayal.