Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 29th January 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Ladu’s mom says stay safe. Mahi says she will be safer in my car. Ladu’s mom sends her with Mahi. Mahi stops the car and says why did he stop the bike on the road. I hope he didn’t fall. She puts his bike aside. Jogi takes her car and starts it. Mahi says stop it. Get out of my car. He leaves.

Pappu gets ready for the pooja. Shalu comes. She meets her sister and BIL. Shalu says he do I look? She says Kareen Kapoor. We were coming there. She says no didi we had to come personally to invite you. Pappu says Mahi should have come as well.

Pappu serves the young kids. He says to his mom see I told you we will do the pooja. Mahi says you will see how we do the pooja only.

Pappu says you will go. We will come later. They give him gifts. Shalu says these are Pappu’s shorts. I thought Deepak would wear them. Deepak says sure. shalu’s son comes and says mausi came to get free things. Pappu says he was joking. Shalu says don’t say anything to Tinku. Pappu says they came to invite and you were going? You have to show your worth. You go in the end. She says you’re right.

Mahi plays with toys they say we have chocolates. All kids come out. Mahi says do you want chocolates? Come with me. They sit in her car. Jogi comes and is shocked to see the kids. Ladu says it’s a bad thing to give a bribe. She says but it’s chocolates. All kids go with her. Jogi is angry.

Mahi brings the kids home. They do the pooja. Mahi prays for her family’s happiness. She says I hope Deepak gets good work so Renu also stays happy. And Akash, get him a good game. Shalu is very innocent, please give her some brain to know what is right and what is wrong. Pappu comes in and says did I make a mistake? He says you didn’t wait for us and started the pooja? Dadi says we gave the parsad. He says yo didn’t like the gifts? Maa says no we kept them on the heads. Kids were hungry. Pappu meets dada ji. Mahi ignores him. Pappu comes to him and says how are you? She says good. He says you didn’t come to meet? She says couldn’t leave the kids. Maa says she’s fasting. He says but she was changing the tires. Everyone saw it. She says so I am famous. He says defamed. Good family’s daughters don’t do things like these. She says good girls are independent.

Pappu gives expensive gifts to the kids. Mahi says to dada ji he does all this to show off only. He says God knows who is doing what. don’t worry. Shalu says come to my place kids, food is there. She says Shalu will you bring the kids? Pappu says we will give the fare. They leave.

Everyone eats in Pappu’s car. Pappu says mahi didn’t come? She won’t bring the kids. Mahi’s car comes there. Renu says she’s here. Mahi drives past them. Shalu says where is she going? pappu goes inside in anger. Mahi stops at the stable. Jogi says you kid thief you came. Mahi says the kids will be served in your house. Rupa says you didn’t take them to the big house? mahi says your heart is bigger than their house. They all welcome the kids and serve them. Mahi’s dupatta gets stuck in Jogi’s watch. He says thank you. She says I felt bad for you. Don’t come in front of me, you might meet an accident.

Jogi serves the kids. Rupa asks Mahi to decorate the idol. She gives chunris to the girls with Jogi. Dadi says they look so good together. No one is like this girl. Mahi burns her hand. Jogi hold her hand. The son mein taa tere naal hi plays. They kiss Ladu together. Mahi shoves Jogi. He falls. Pappu is looking at them in anger.