Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 2nd June 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Pappu says we have to win tomorrow’s competition. We have to make a plan. She takes out her gun. Pappy says this isn’t a toy. She says time to teach them a lesson. And we have those idiots to blame it on. Pappu says if one has to be accused let Model ji go. Her glamour would ruin her in jail. Chanda says still so much care? Chanda says you have to give small sacrifices in big fights. He says it isn’t loved. If the wife is in jail it doesn’t reflect well on a political leader. Chanda says you know to turn around the truth. People can also say poor Pappu, he didn’t even know his wife is a criminal yet he let her go. And that Jogi.. He called this mahabharat. So it’s gonna be his last day
Jogi is asleep. Someone comes to his room. It’s Mahi. She fixes his blanket. The song teri ore plays. She recalls her moments with him and their wedding. Mahi recalls how he always stood for her. She recalls him always trusting her. Mahi says every girl wants a husband who trusts her this way. If anyone has loved me like dadu and papa it’s you. how do I stop coming to you? And not see you everywhere? I don’t know if it’s love but when you look at me, I love myself. I want to win for you. I feel those filmy feelings. I see you everywhere. Life looks a lot more colorful. You escalate my heartbeat. You were right. this wedding wasn’t done with my or my family’s will but it is done with God’s will. God has bonded us. She decided and told her decision. And I.. I will tell you my decision tomorrow. She caresses his face and kisses his forehead. After a long fight between heart and mind, I have decided and I will tell that decision in front of everyone in the competition what I feel for you.

Renu comes to Chanda’s room. She says why did you call me? Chanda says only I have the right to question here. Pick that envelope. Renu picks, t has a 20 lacs cheque and Canada’s ticket. Renu says wow.. Chanda says it can be yours I told you what do I want. She gives her a box. Renu opens it. It has a gun. Renu is shocked. Chanda says pick it. Renu says what do you want me to do? Chanda says shoot Jogi tomorrow. There is a price for everything. Your good life’s key is Jogi’s death. Do it the way n one knows. And before anyone finds out, leave this country. This is about your life, not Jogi’s. Do you want to change your life or live this way forever? She gives her wine. Renu drinks it and says ready. Chanda says excellent.

Mahi leaves. Her phone drops. Jogi opens his eyes. He says I knew. Mahi says what? He says I knew you would come here. He says you had to.. It’s natural. You see that person everywhere. You can’t sleep. You can’t breathe. Your heart sinks. I knew you would come to me. The Mahi who is never shy is shy today? She can’t breathe? Competitions are like that. This has become tough. It makes you nercous. It’s normal. Mahi is shcoked. Jogi says don’t worry. You’re a winner. Mahi says and? He says and all the best. Was there anything else? Mahi says yes I was worried about the competition. We can’t lose. If e lose we will lose this house as well. Mahi leaves. Jogi says she is weird.

Mahi is worried. She says it feels like a battle. So much is at stake. Jogi and Rupa’s hopes and this house. What if I lose tomorrow? Mahi says this has become a real Mahabaharat. I have to fight with my own family.

Chanda looks at gin and says everything is fair in loev and war. Renu says for the love you destroyed your family. Chanda says in this Kalyug the family will kill the family. Shalu says I am sorry Mahi. Renu says forgive me Mahi but I have to end this with Jogi’s death.