Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 6th April 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Jogi says there’s only one way, disguise. Pappu says this wedding will happen, I made this couple. A pot falls. Chanda threw it. She’s angry. Pappu comes upstairs and says what was that? She says I am losing my mind. Jogi kidnapped Arjun, Shalu hit me. Pappu says we will take all revenge from Mahi. She says who is the groom? He says I have a task for you but till then stay in your room. She says all your plans have flopped so far. What’s the guarantee that this one won’t? He says it won’t.

Jogi sneaks into Mahi’s house but climbing the window. Pappu comes downstairs. He says don’t let anyone come inside especially that Jogi. Jogi hides inside. Jogi looks at Mahi. She is sitting silently. Mahi looks at the door but Jogi hides. Mahi feels something. Mahi says no.. He won’t come. I know Jogi. He will keep the respect of my swear. Jogi looks at her. He touches her hand across the glass. The song maana k hum yaar nahi plays. Mahi wipes her tears.

Pappu says Shalu bring Mahi. Jogi says who is this fake groom? Renu says I am tired. Pappu keeps ordering us. Once Arjun marries Mahi, we will be one his side and teach that Pappu a lesson. Jogi tickles Renu. She says Deepak why are you being romantic? He says how? She says you tickled my foot. He says I didn’t. She says what’s under thsi table? They take table cloth off. Jogi hides. Jogi mixes spices in the arti.

The groom comes to the mandap. Mahi comes there. Jogi looks at her. Jogi looks at her and says I won’t let any trouble come to you. Mahi looks up. Seema ties Mahi’s knot with Babblu. Jogi says I won’t let this hapepn. Biji says Jogi Arjun is conscious. He will break the door, he’s acting like an animal. I can’t handle him for long. Do something fast. He says in a few minutes everything would be okay.

Arjun tries to break the door. Biji holds it. She says you won’t go out of here. He says once I am out, your Jogi is gone. Jogi hides his face. Seema adds Samagri to the havan kund. A strong smoke surrounds the hall. Everyone coughs badly. No one can breathe. Shalu says someone open the door. Jogi kidnaps the groom and takes him to the store. He shoves him and sees it’s Babblu. Jogi says who are you? He says your father. Jogi hits him. He tries to hit Jogi. Jogi beats him. He falls on the floor. Biji calls Jogi. Babblu hits Jogi on the head and he faints. He says I am the groom and I am doing all this for myself. He wears the sehra.Biji says Jogi picks the phone. Arjun breaks the door. Biji picks a rod and says stay there. Arjun shoves her. Her head hits the wall and Arjun runs.

Seema is worried. She says my heart is sinking. I hope nothing goes wrong now. She says where is the groom?Everyone is shocked. Mahi is confused. Dharampal says he was here.