Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 7th April 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Seema says where is the groom? Everyone is confused. The groom comes there. Pappu says here is he. Mahi go on stage. Seema says Renu what did you mix in the havan? She says nothing mummy ji. Pappu says they need to hurry up with the wedding. He gives money to pandit ji and says hurry up. Pandit ji says this was a good shagun. All bad eye is gone.

Arjun tries to come inside. The watchman stops him. He says I am the groom. Watchman says so is that your ghost inside taking the rounds? Mahi and the groom take rounds. Dadu says he will always be with her. Mahi is upset. She recalls what Arjun said. Everyone is happy. Dadu says no third person will ever come between them. Pandit ji asks them to sit down. The rounds are completed.

The groom makes her wear mangalsutra and fills her hairline. Pandit says you’re husband and wife now. Everyone claps. Arjun comes in and says stop. Everyone is shocked. Rai says Arjun.. Who is this groom then? Pappu says this is the time now. Mahi takes off his sehra. Everyone is shocked. It’s Jogi.

Bablu hit Jogi. Jogi hit him back. Biji called him and told him Arjun is coming there. Jogi said but if he comes here Mahi would be married to him. There’s only one way now. Jogi tied Bilu and married Mahi. Seema says how did he come here? Mahi says how did you come here? She cries. Mahi shouts tell me. You filled my hairline and became the groom? Why did you do this? Arjun says I will tell you. He kidnapped me. Everyone is shocked. Mahi says what is all this Jogi? Is he right? Jogi says yes.

Mahi sits down in shock and cries. Mahi says is my life a joke? Why did you do this. Mahi cries. Jogi says I don’t know how.. I didn’t want to do this. I have made a huge problem. I tried a lot to stop this wedding. You were going to ruin your life. Seema says how dare you? Mahi asks Jogi not to tell anyone. Jogi says the groom wasn’t Arjun. It was someone else. I had to save Mahi. Pappu says yes it was you. You kidnapped Arjun. Jogi says no please listen. There was another groom as well. Pappu says shut up. Jogi says come with me I will show you. They go to the store. Pappu is worried.

Jogi opens the closet. No one is there. Mahi says there’s no one here. Jogi says he was right here. Chanda took him out. Pappu says it’s clear now. You planned all this to marry Mahi. Jogi says no Mahi. It wasn’t Arjun. Mahi says so you sat in his place? I thought everything will be okay now. I only prayed to get this wedding done. But you.. You ruined everything. Jogi says you were going to throw your life into darkness. I knew you were going to stay sad all your life. Mahi says are you God that you know everything? I even broke the friendship with you and with what right you decided this for me? Pappu says time up. I get what is happening now. They are both doing drama and fooling you all. It was their plan and they didn’t want to take the blame. They love each other and it was their plan. Mahi is shocked.