Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 8th April 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Pappu says they are fooling everyone. Jogi says try to undersand.. Pappu drags him out. Pappu says since when did you have this affair? Staying silent for her? Pappu says people are full of sin. I told you girls who leave the house, leave their character as well. This is what they do. What can anyone do now? Jogi says enough. Mahi didn’t even know. Arjun says oh the lover is trying to save his lady? Jogi says you better not say a word. You are a demon. Better look in the mirror. you have no worth to talk about Mahi. Arjun says dada ji you made a mistake by setting me with Mahi. Girls like these marry for money and then have affairs. Jogi hits Arjun. Jogi says I won’t hear a word about Mahi. He hits Arjun. Everyone stops Jogi. Jogi says say now..

Mahi stops Jogi. She says stop it. Arjun says see she said and he stopped. They love each other. She is a characterless girl. Dadu stops Jogi and says enough. You have done enough already. He says you have ashamed us all. Arjun says Mahi was a part of all this. He can’t plan this alone. Pappu says looks like it. Arjun says Mahi’s character is shown. Jogi says enough. No more drama. I won’t stay silent now Mahi. It’s coming to you. We have to tell them the truth. I break all the swears.

Jogi says this Arjun.. He is filth. He doesn’t care about the dignity of his family or others. This Rai sahab.. He knew everything yet wanted to cover up for him. They wanted a maid to serve his filthy grandson. This man has no character. Am I wrong? You all were throwing Mahi into this darkness. Mahi was marrying him after knowing everything to get you out of this problem. To keep your dignity intact. Her life would be hell.

Pappu claps and says wow, you became a lawyer. Such big lies. You are turning it all against Arjun and saying Mahi is the victim? This girl has defamed her family many times. There are so many proofs of your affair. Jogi says have some shame? Which brother-in-law talks like this? This is friendship but a filthy man like you can’t understand. Pappu says I have seen many friendships like this. You two an illegal affair.

Jogi says look into your own house before blaming others. I didn’t want to say it but I will have to now. Mahi says Jogi no.. Pappu says in the heart what is he going to say about Chanda? Jogi says do you know what your sister had been doing? What Arjun and Chanda have is an illegitimate relationship, not our friendship. Everyone is shocked. Pappu says now you’re dragging my sister to prove your point? Shalu says so is this the reason why Chanda sat in Mahi’s room wearing a dress just like Mahi? Renu says yes she was there. Shalu says Jogi might be right. Pappu says if this is right, I won’t leave Chanda alive. The world will see wrath.

Pappu goes to Chanda. He drags her in the hall. Pappu says tell us all, did you have an affair with Arjun? He shouts and says say it. Chanda says I have no relationship withg Arjun? Pappu says then why did you sit in Mahi’s place? Chanda says Mahi asked me to. Everyone is shocked. Mahi says stop lying Chanda. Tell everyone that you attacked me and locked me in a suitcase so you can marry Arjun. Everyone is shocked. Chanda says wow? You are saying I locked you in a suitcase and no one got to know? At least say believable lies? Mahi says please Chanda. Chanda says she asked me to sit there. She asked me to sit in her place on that Jago night as well so she can meet this Jogi. Renu says if they wanted to get married then why was Chanda wearing a dress like Mahi and sitting in her place? It doesn’t make sense. Pappu says it was their back up plan. If Jogi couldn’t come they would change the bride. This is why they are making Chanda and Arjun story up. Mahi says Chanda tell them truth that you wanted to marry Arjun and he fooled you.

Arjun says what are you saying? I don’t even know Chanda. How can I love her. You are lying. Chanda says should I tell the truth? For you, this wedding was just a business deal, you only wanted to marry Jogi.