Thapki Pyar Ki 23rd January 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Thapki telling Purab that he shall sit with her for puja for Dadi’s sake atleast. He says ok, I will sit for puja. He says only your husband will attend this puja, and not the father of would be baby. He says I will do my duty of a husband and goes. Next day, Purab comes to Dadi. Dadi asks where is your wife? She tells that she has made the mangalsutra for Thapki and shows it. Sapna and Priyanka think that it is costly. Dadi asks him to make her wear with his hand. He asks why this puja is important. Dadi tells that the couple, who sits for puja gets the blessing of Shiv and Parvati. She says you will sit first and then Thapki will sit, so that you both get the blessings. Sapna tells Priyanka that she could get this mangalsutra, if she was pregnant. Dadi comes to them and says you both are always available easily. She gives them responsibility to decorate the house for puja.

Jaya makes Thapki ready for marriage and says today Mata Rani has heard my prayers, I am getting a chance to pray for your baby, and asks if all the misunderstandings about responsibility matter is resolved. Thapki nods her head. Purab hears them. Jaya says it is good, now both are becoming parents. She sees Purab and asks if he heard. He says he didn’t want to interfere and that’s why stayed quiet. Jaya says I have done her shringaar, and asks him to do the shringaar which a husband shall do of his wife. She goes. Purab comes to Thapki and makes her wear bangles, anklets, toe rings, gajra in her hair. Thapki gets up from the chair and says I asked for sometime, and will tell you the truth. He says that’s why I calm down myself, but I am worried that many hearts will break.

Sapna blames Priyanka and tells that she has to do the work due to her. Priyanka sees the goons coming with a basket and asks who are they? Hansika says I called them and says these are best, I have replaced them with your people to do the decoration. Priyanka says the work shall be the best. The goons go inside the house. Priyanka and Sapna asks if she will pray for Thapki and Purab’s union. Hansika asks them to focus on their work and not to trouble themselves. She goes. Sapna says this girl is going to do something big. Priyanka says she will not be successful like always. Hansika goes behind the goons and stop them. She says plan’s next step is that Thapki shall be alone. The goons nod their head.

Thapki sees Purab trying to wear dhoti. She says I will help you, you have also helped me to get ready. Hansika comes there and gets upset seeing Thapki helping him. She knocks on the door and asks if the golden couple is ready. Purab says almost. He says just a moment. He takes off her marriage mangalsutra. Thapki says don’t take it off. He says it is a long story and says Dadi wants you to wear this long mangalsutra, I had made you wear it, and I am making you wear this mangalsutra also, so it is same. Hansika thinks she will wear this mangalsutra, asks Purab to go and says once Thapki covers her head, you can see her after the puja, this is puja rule.

Sargam gets ready and keeps her hand on her tummy. She says if all was well, then I would have done puja with your Papa and you. She says sorry and feels pain in her tummy. Purab sees Sargam having pain and holding her tummy. He asks if she is fine? Sargam gets tensed. He asks why you was holding your tummy and standing. He says I will call the doctor. Sargam says don’t call the doctor, I will decide. Purab gets doubtful. Sargam says you know well that I have any food. She asks him to go and do the puja, don’t get late.

Hansika tells Thapki that she looks perfect, and says now we can call each other as sisters, without getting awkward. Thapki smiles a bit. Hansika makes her wear the ghunghat and says it will be lifted after the puja only. She makes her sit on the bed and asks her to relax, says I will call you just as you are needed for the puja. She goes from there and calls the goons asking them to come. Sargam thinks Thapki can help her and calls her. Thapki looks at the call and is about to pick, when the goon comes and hold her hand and takes her mobile. Thapki lifts her ghunghat and asks who are they? She asks him to give her phone and bites the goon on his hand. She runs out, but Hansika makes her smell chloroform, and makes her unconscious. She says time has come to take your place, and snatched her mangalsultra.

Precap: Thapki confronts Hansika and says you did this. Hansika says Purab is mine and was always mine. Thapki says Purab was never yours and says my husband made me wear this, and this sindoor is not of any importance as it is not of Purab’s name.

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