Thapki Pyar Ki 23rd October 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Thapki’s mother covering bridal dupatta on her. Thapki says you made it, when? She says it is a blessing for me, I will wear it. Her mother cries. Thapki says I shall cry. Ashok says you will understand when you have a daughter, it is not easy to send daughter to someone else house. Thapki says I will not go away from you, and you have to bear me all life. Her mother cries. Sudha and Preeti come there wearing googles on their traditional clothes. Sudha asks how am I looking? Ashok says 1000 volts bulb. Preeti says it is 10000 worth sarees. Ashok asks what is the googles amount? Preeti says 3000 Rs and this purse is worth 5000 Rs. He asks from where do you get so much money? Sudha says I broke the piggy bank for you, I have kept fast for you and needs to look good. Preeti holds Sudha’s hands and they leave. Armaan smiles looking at Thapki. He tells Purab that she is looking cute. Purab looks at Preeti and says she is looking good. Thapki touches Veena Devi’s feet and takes her blessings. Veena Devi thinks I will make you as my bahu. Thapki says whatever happened yesterday. Veena Devi says it was not your mistake, forget it. Priyanka asks Thapki to forget it. Armaan comes there and says it is the first karwachauth for me to see, how a heroine looks at hero through the mesh. He winks his eye at Thapki. Purab notices this. Dadi asks Armaan and Purab to decorate their plates. Armaan asks where is Hansika? Purab says she might come. Veena Devi thinks Hansika might not come and asks Purab to come.

Dadi asks all men to keep the things in the plate. Armaan says this is my first time. Dadi says all the ladies are hungry and that’s why I am asking you. Sudha asks Priyanka for more money. Priyanka says you are asking more. Sudha says if you want Thapki’s mouth to remain closed, then. Priyanka says we will talk later. Purab asks what happened Mom? Veena says I think Hansika. Just then she sees Hansika there, and says she has come. Hansika comes there and hugs Purab. He says you are looking weak. She says she is keeping fast for him. Purab asks her to break it. Hansika says I kept fast for you, can’t I remain hungry today. She greets Veena Devi and says whatever you said in the morning, I got courage to keep this fast. Purab says what did you say? Hansika says she gave karwachauth shringaar, her blessings and also a blank cheque. She says you knows well about problems in Papa’s company, so she gave cheque for him. She says where will I get such a saas, who thinks so much about me. Purab thanks Veena Devi and goes to decorate the thaali. Hansika says I haven’t seen money like you, but have seen luxurious life, and says you can’t buy me. She says the singing is important to me, and Purab too.

Veena Devi says I had given you a chance, you didn’t take. I will see. Hansika says attitude cool, game is on. She says one advice, make arrangements of your defeat. She touches her feet and goes.

Thapki stops Purab. Purab says he is not in a mood to fight. Thapki shows her mehndi and asks how did this happen? Purab looks at lipstick mark on her hand. Thapki asks him to be quiet and not to confuse her. She asks how did this mehendi get applied on my hand. He says you have already broken all my watches collection. She asks what wrong have you done? He says you was drunk, dancing on road and got mehendi applied and blaming me. He says I saw you looking at Armaan. Thapki says it is my right to look at him. Purab says you are shameless to look at him, he is getting married. Thapki thinks if he is drunk, I am marrying Armaan so will see him.

Dadi tells about Karwachauth. Purab tells Dadi that she didn’t tell him how to decorate the plate. Dadi says you came late. He says he had collided with someone. He gets a call and goes. Dadi asks everyone to pick the plates. Veena Devi sees Thapki lifting the plate decorated by Purab and thinks this is God’s sign. Anchun asks Sargam why she has not kept fast for her partner. Sargam says he didn’t come for sangeet, why shall I keep fast. She asks him to stay away from her.

Dadi tells that moon has appeared and asks all husbands to come and stand infront of their wives. Preeti comes and stands beside Thapki. Purab sees her. All the husbands and wives stand infront of each other. Purab is still not there. Thapki prays to God, to keep her would be husband blessed and give him a happy life. Just then a fruit falls down from her plate. Armaan bends down to pick it. Thapki sees Purab’s face as Hansika is bringing him. Just then his hand touches the big mirror and he falls down. Hansika stands there still without doing anything. Purab sees the big mirror about to fall on him. Thapki drops the thaali and runs to shield Purab with her. She covers him with her and the mirror breaks on her. Everyone gets shocked. Purab makes her turn over and then asks someone to bring water. Veena Devi brings the water pot. He makes her drink water, thus breaking her fast. Purab asks if you are fine? Armaan says she is in shock, we shall give her first aid. Purab takes her to room.

Sapna tells Dadi that her bahu had drank water by Purab’s hands, and not by Armaan’s hands. Dadi says did anyone tell this, and asks her not to make an issue. Veena Devi tells Dadi that Mata Rani is giving them signs that Thapki will become her bahu. Hansika scolds Purab for not listening to her and says you made her have water. Purab says she was unconscious, and what I would have done. Hansika asks him to make her drink water. Purab makes her drink. Veena Devi says I want to talk to you. Purab says yes mom. Veena Devi thinks I won’t let you win, I will win.