Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 24th January 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Bulti hugging Kajol and crying. She says I have hurt my family so much, and separated both the families. She says I don’t think that it is right that two families are suffering due to us. Kajol asks if it would have been good, if you had married to that NRI. Bulti asks if Anurag is doing justice with you by marrying Priyanka. Kajol tries to divert her. Bulti asks if Anurag was acting to love you. Kajol says no, he loves me a lot, but our togetherness can be someone’s death. Bulti asks what? Kajol says today you got married, just be happy and have food. She makes her have food with her hand. Apu comes there and thinks Badi didi can only gives happiness to others, even though she has some pain in her heart. Kajol asks Apu to have something and says even you are hungry. Apu hugs and thanks her for giving a new life to their love. Kajol asks them to rest and goes. Bulti says we shall salute her courage and feelings.

Arundita, Kaushik, Shreya and others get the messages and phone calls on their mobiles. Arjun asks them to pick the calls. Arundita says everyone came to know in the city, that our daughter eloped. She says if we had known, then wouldn’t have let this happen. Kaushik says I don’t know what to answer to my business partners. He attends a call and asks the person on call to end the call. Ayaan comes there and greets his parents. Arundita and Kaushik say hi.

Kajol thinks of Anurags words and thinks he is really a nice guy. She imagines Anurag as the milk man, and thinks she got the same disease again. She then sees Anurag coming there and thinks she is imagining him again.

Ayaan says so much happened, and you didn’t tell me. He says it is good that my project got over and I came here. He says how can you lock Bulti in the room, and asks Shreya, why did she make her elope at night. Shreya says I didn’t do anything. Tai ji says proofs are against you. Shreya says you shall be grateful to me, rather than threatening me. She says my Papa has supported Arjun’s business a lot etc. Kaushik says Shreya is right and says since Arjun got related to them, first Kajol, Naina and now Apu. Ayaan says Kajol was a good girl and Apu is also good and will keep Bulti happy. Naina says yes, I am only bad and says one day you will know that Shreya bhabhi is playing a big game with you all. Shreya thinks she has won the lost game, and thinks money is bigger than anything else.

Bulti greets Anurag and goes to call Chandana. Kajol sees him and thinks he is Dr. Anurag only and not my imagination. He asks if you were imagining me and says even I have this disease, even I couldn’t differentiate between imagination and reality. Kajol says we have to get rid of this, as you are getting related to someone else now. Anurag says I couldn’t fulfill my relation with Priyanka. Kajol says you have given your tongue and shall value it. Apu comes there and asks why did you bring the gifts? Anurag says I brought it for my sister. Rajesh comes there and congrats Apu and Bulti for their marriage. Kajol tells Rajesh that she wants to throw reception for Apu and Bulti. Chandana says there is no need for reception. Bulti also says the same. Kajol says we want to tell that whatever you both did is right and says we will have the grand reception. Anurag says I will bear half expenses being Bulti’s brother and says you can’t snatch this right from me. Kajol refuses. He says we both shall plan together, don’t snatch this work from me. Chandana asks Kajol to agree. Kajol agrees.

She asks Rajesh to make guest list with Apu and Bulti. Anurag tells Kajol that they shall salute to the new start. Kajol says life may not give us the chance for the new start. They come to get the marriage stuff from the shop. Kajol says baba used to come here, it was his favorite shop. Anurag asks her to try the saree on her, and says red color will suit Bulti more. They imagine and a fb is shown. Anurag tells Kajol that she shall wear red color for marriage. Kajol says I will wear pink saree. He asks her to agree to wear red. Kajol says ok red. Fb ends.

Anurag buys the saree. Kajol says it will look good on our bride. The salesman shows them the clothes for Apu. Fb starts again, Kajol asks him to wear yellow mustard color sherwani, as it is auspicious. Anurag agrees. Fb ends. Anurag and Kajol look at each other.