Tujhse Hai Raabta 27th November 2020 Written Episode Written Update

Malhar asking Avni not to act to suicide again and if she does, then it shall be convincing. He asks her not to forget that she is here as his brother betrayed her. He says he couldn’t marry her as revenge for Swara’s death was more important to me. He asks her to stay with peace. Aao Saheb asks who gave you right to ask her to stay here. Malhar says this house is built with my sister’s money and asks her to return it. He asks if he has money to return. Kalyani looks at Swara’s diary and says if you had told me then I would protect you and wouldn’t have let you suffer. Malhar comes there and asks Kalyani what is she doing? He says if she is trying to figure out what tortures she has to bear in future. He says you don’t have any idea, how my mind works in anger, it is unpredictable. He asks if she was thinking to tear the last two pages to save her Maayi. He asks her to answer him. Kalyani moves back. Malhar says I am not Vivek Chacha and tells about his childhood with Swara. He says Swara used to fight with neighbors as she knew that her brother will protect her, but I couldn’t protect her. He gets a call and tells Pawar that he will check the report. He checks the report and tells that DNA matching with Kaka, Mukku is his daughter. He feels pity on Mukku. Kalyani thinks he is our Moksh Malhar ji…

Kalyani tells Anupriya that Malhar ji is believing Moksh to be Mukku. They hear Mukku telling about the crane falling down with his hand and says I am Moksh and not Mukku. He is also sleeping. Sarthak is sleeping and doesn’t hear. They turn Mukku to other side. Kalyani tells Anupriya that she don’t want to hide from Malhar that Mukku is Moksh and he pulled the crane level accidentally. They hear Kalyani talking to Pawar to locate the boy, so that they can send him to correction home.

Sarthak plans Puja for Mukku. Anupriya asks what is the occasion? Sarthak asks if she didn’t know about her daughter’s birthday. Mukku says today is my birthday and I have never celebrated my birthday till now. Mukku asks when her Aai fi will come? Sarthak says Kalyani will not attend the puja. Mukku says she will not do puja without her. He runs to Kalyani while she is busy talking to her Assistant Shekhar and tells that she can’t come to office for 2-3 days. Mukku tells that today is his happy birthday and invites her for the puja. Kalyani wishes him and tells that she can’t come.

Avni wants revenge from Mukku and thinks she will hunt Mukku for exposing her lie. Anupriya and Sarthak sit for puja with Moksh/Mukku. Anupriya thinks how did Moksh agree for puja without Kalyani. Kalyani is hiding behind the sofa and looks at them. Pandit ji asks them to tie their hands. Moksh recalls Anupriya’s words when she said before kanya pujan. She forwards her right hand, and tells Anupriya that Aai fi will get sin. Sarthak asks Mukku to forward her left hand. Mukku says I am a boy…Sarthak doesn’t hear her as Kalyani comes out from behind sofa. He says I asked you not to come for puja. Sarthak shouts at Kalyani. Mukku says she insisted Aai fi to come for puja and gets ready to get the thread tied on his left hand. Pandit ji ties the thread. Kalyani feels bad. Mukku prays for Kalyani. Avni comes there. Anupriya asks Pandit ji if he wants something. He says one more puja to be done, Satyanarayan puja. Mukku says I called you so that you do Aai fi and police’s puja. Kalyani asks why did you call him. Pandit ji asks what nonsense and tells that he would have gone to other place and get dakshina. Moksh tells that he will give him money and shows the charity box of the temple.

Pandit ji says it is temple’s charity box. Malhar comes there. Avni says oh God, this girl has stolen charity box and she must have called Pandit ji on Kalyani’s sayings for the puja. Mukku asks why are you behind my Aai fi and tells that the money in the box is for everyone, it is written Saarwajanik, means for everyone. He says I have brought it for Aai fi and Police’s puja so that God blesses them. Kalyani gives the box to Pandit ji and apologizes, she is about to take Mukku from there. Malhar asks her to stop and says we will do puja. He tells Pandit ji that he will get Dakshina. Malhar thinks Kalyani taught her this and tells that he will fulfill her wish. They sit for the satyanarayan puja. Malhar says our new story begins and wishes her bad time starts now. Mukku takes their pics. Malhar gives dakshina to Pandit ji. Mukku tells that ring finding ceremony game and chocolate eating game is remaining. Malhar gets angry and says we will play this game. He writes khooni on the rice and says it is her new name.