Udaariyaan 23rd June 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Jasmin sees the media there. She says Tejo, stay there. Fateh hits a goal. Tejo claps for him. Virk family sees the match on tv. Jasmin calls Sweety and says your brother Naveen is covering the match today, tell him to focus on Fateh and Tejo, he will get good news. Mahi says Fateh said he has to win the match. Gurpreet says he needs to have strength to win, he went to Tejo’s place at night, Tejo also went with him, Jasmin is there to take care of Tejo, she had to go along. Fateh does another goal. Jasmin signs the other coach. The man makes Fateh fall down. She says who is he, he made Fateh fall down, poor Fateh, he got much hurt, how will we walk now, he will lose. Tejo says Fateh is hurt. She recalls Fateh’s words and stops. She says he asked me to stay here. Fateh asks his team not to fight and focus on the match. Tejo says Fateh isn’t hurt, he is still playing. Fateh makes another goal. Jasmin says did you see, my Fateh has hit a goal. Tejo says he is mine, you are bad, get away. Jasmin says sorry. Fateh sees Tejo while playing the game. The teacher thinks Tejo is behaving strange. Jasmin asks will you have popcorn. Tejo says yes.

Jasmin says wait here, I will go and get it. Tejo claps for Fateh. She gets spotted by a cameraman. She is seen in the news. Satti says everyone knows her, what will they say. Rupy asks how long will we hide her, we have to think of her, not the people, if they loved Tejo, then they will understand her pain. Jasmin says Tejo wasn’t fine, we thought she will get fine, she forgot everything, she has no control on herself, she just listens to Fateh. Teachers see Tejo. Jasmin asks them not to meet Tejo, she can say anything wrong to them. Teacher says I m feeling bad for Tejo. Jasmin says I can’t leave her alone for long. She goes saying everyone will know about Tejo now. She gives the popcorn to Tejo. Fateh asks Tejo are you having fun. Tejo says yes, you won right, we will go and take the trophy. He says take care, I will go and play the match, stay here. She feeds him the popcorn and wishes him all the best. Jasmin pushes Tejo and makes her fall. Tejo says you have made me fall, my popcorn also fell. Jasmin says Fateh is mine, did you hear it. Tejo shouts Fateh is mine, liar. Cameraman shifts focus on them. Both the families see this on the news and worry. Gurpreet says explain Fateh that he will get insulted because of Tejo, did you see Tejo’s state, Jasmin is also taking care of Tejo, we don’t know if she will show sensibility ahead. Khushbeer says Fateh isn’t a kid, we can’t make him live our way, trust him, let him do what he is doing. She says he will go mad this way. Nimmo says then let him get mad, he will understand that its not easy to live such a life. Jasmin signs the coach again. The man goes and makes Fateh fall down. Fateh gets hurt in his knee. Everyone worries for him. Jasmin says he made Fateh fall again, he is doing this intentionally, Tejo, are you seeing this, he doesn’t want Fateh to win the trophy, go and save him, show them that nothing can happen to Fateh when you are here. Tejo says yes. She runs to Fateh. Guard stops her. She bites his hand and runs. She slaps the coach and beats him. Fateh looks on shocked. He goes and stops Tejo.

Satti says I was afraid for this. Nimmo asks did she get an attack again. Gurpreet says she will ruin my son’s name. Fateh calms down Tejo. He says I m fine now. The man asks who is this mad girl. Fateh gets angry and beats the man. Jasmin says yes, Tejo’s madness, and Fateh’s craze, and my innocence, Fateh will know how it is to live with a mad girl. Fateh hugs Tejo. Saara jag….plays…. The senior scolds Fateh and says you have to face the consequences for losing this match. The national college team is declared as the winner because of Fateh’s improper behavior. Jasmin says Fateh understand it, staying with Tejo is an insult. She goes to Fateh and asks what happened. He asks why did you leave Tejo alone. She says I went to get icecream for her, she was not listening to me, I thought she will get more angry, what happened. He says match is over. Peon says principal madam called you in the office. Fateh asks Jasmin to take Tejo home. Tejo says I don’t like her. Fateh says principal will get angry seeing you, have the icecream, go, I will come soon. Jasmin asks why are you in tension. Fateh asks her to take care. He goes to the principal’s office. He gets scolded by the principal and other seniors. Principal says Tejo is his ex fiancée, matter is complicated. The man says Fateh was suspended last year. She says yes, but he came back with dignity. The man says a sports teacher can’t be so aggressive, its unacceptable. Jasmin says Fateh will lose his job, he will get scolded because of you.

Gurpreet says I decide this for you, you won’t go to Tejo’s house. Fateh says I can’t accept this decision, Tejo is my everything, I m going to her.

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  1. Fateh.Hasmine is not Sincere.She is the evil Woman.Desperately to. Get you away from your love lady .Tejo.Jasmine is not. Pregnant she used this pregnancy to black mail or to get you and your family like and pity her especially your Mum.Jasmine had learn your weaknesses but you are not learning any thing about Jasmine. Even tejo with lost memories also can recall Jasmine is very bad sister and bad Person.And She Is! Please makers don’t give stupid stories for the audience to Watch.I think your drama becoming less. And less viewers as they are bored to watch again and again evil Jasmine with her acrion to get fateh and to disposed again twjo away from Dateh.Makers. make some sense for datwh to rhink back about. Jasmine character b4 and if generally change why she wanted to marry fateh? Amrik just died. As well. Tejo. Is it the right time and right person to marry where fateh life is with Tejo.if she has changed; she must understand this and she will keep the Baby.That also is question mark whether she really pregnant and she really carrying Amriks baby or somebody else! So , many Question.She is working as an escort lady b4 This.Fateh knows about het Activities.Why don’t he tell everything to both family? Let them know! So Makers.Do not simply put the scenario without the correct facts.
    Tejo is main actress and the Characters are jumble! Until she warned to. Mental institution! This is very bad ! Jasmine the evil still functioning with her Evil.Activities with nice and good Clothing but tejo has to. Be in ordinary clothing and playing like a Kid.She remember only Fateh.So makers, is the right time to being back twho memories and get the trurh about jasmine and Get her arrested .fatejo to get. Married.Fateh shouldn’t listen To his family anymore. Stay with Tejo in Sandhu House.At last virus family will realised that what they decide for fatejo was Wrong.Fateho is forever love! Please makers and writers do consider my suggestion for Your episode and Your Drama is too long already and is getting Bored with Jasmine characters again and Again.Fice chance for fatejo Love.We love to watch them Together.Five the audience meaning of feeling love Forever.Just that.

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