Udaariyaan 24th June 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Jasmin saying sorry for disturbing, why is Fateh called in the principal’s office. The teacher says principal and organizers are upset, they may want to take an action on him. Jasmin worries. Gurpreet says Fateh can’t take Tejo out anywhere. The lady says Fateh got his job and reputation back because of Tejo, today he can lose everything because of her. Gurpreet says Fateh will lose his job now. Fateh says Tejo was the best teacher of Punjab, the college was proud of her, she was an all rounder, Tejo Sandhu excellence award was given in this college, why do we get helpless that we get against those who need our support, I know that Tejo and people like her need our support, else what’s the benefit of our education. Jasmin takes the icecream from Tejo. Tejo asks her to give the icecream back. Jasmin says they will scold Fateh and hang him upside down to the fan, he would have lost his job, its just because of you. Tejo worries. Satti and Rupy are on the way, worrying for Tejo. Fateh says she just wanted to see my match, I should have not got her, sorry, I m ready to bear the punishment, I won’t hear a word against her. Tejo comes and hugs him. She asks are you fine, did anyone scold you. She asks them to scold her, but not scold Fateh. Fateh says they didn’t scold me. She asks where did you beat you. He says no. Jasmin looks on. She says take my icecream, but don’t scold him. Fateh cleans Tejo’s hand. Jasmin smiles. Rupy asks did you see Fateh, Jasmin and Tejo have come along. They come to the principal’s office. They see Fateh taking care of Tejo.

The man asks what’s happening. Fateh says Tejo, go out, I will come in some time. Tejo says you scold me and beat me, I will say sorry and do sit ups, its my mistake. She does sit ups. Aap hamari jaan bangaye….plays… Fateh hugs Tejo. Rupy and Satti cry seeing them. The team member says its not Fateh’s mistake, he is the best, it was an accident, don’t judge Fateh. Principal says they are right, we should think again. The man says fine, this is your last chance, this shouldn’t happen again. Fateh thanks him.

Tejo asks what happened. Fateh says no one is upset. She laughs and hugs him. Teacher sees them and says I don’t know what happened to Tejo, but its true, she loves Fateh a lot. Jasmin asks what nonsense is this, I thought he will not be a Majnu now, but it didn’t happen. Rupy thanks the principal for understanding Fateh’s problem. She says don’t worry, Tejo will get fine. The man says but its not right to get her outside. Rupy says no, she has a right to go out and meet people.

Tejo asks for icecream. She eats it and makes Fateh take a bite. She drops it and says sorry. Jasmin talks to Gurpreet on call. She says she just listens to Fateh, his job got saved, but he got much scolded. Gurpreet says don’t know what all he has to see. Jasmin sees Fateh and says I will show you something on video call. They see Fateh cleaning Tejo’s foot. Jasmin says mum and dad have come, I will talk to you later. Tejo asks will you have icecream. Satti says no. Tejo says no one scolded Fateh. Fateh asks Tejo to go home. He says go home and I will come soon, count till 1000 and I will come. Tejo starts counting. He says go home, have food and then count. She smiles. Jasmin thinks I will get mad seeing all this.

Fateh comes home. Gurpreet scolds him. Fateh says nothing happened, my job is still there. She says you will lose everything in this madness, we already lost our respect, why did you take her there, her parents are there to take care of her, what if you lost your job. Fateh says you forgot how I got the job and lost respect, I can’t think she is mad, she is sensible and caring for me, she was defending me today, she has always supported us, shall I leave her, no, I can’t. She says I can’t tolerate this, I can’t see you cleaning the icecream off her feet, losing your sleep, I will decide for you, you won’t go to her home from now, you have to listen to me. Satti asks Jasmin to have milk and take rest. Jasmin says I m also tensed, its my mistake to leave Tejo alone, where is she. Satti says don’t blame yourself, Tejo is in her room, waiting for Fateh, she will worry if he doesn’t come. Fateh says sorry, I can’t accept your decision, Tejo is my Lord, my life, I can’t get away from her, I m alive because of her. Gurpreet says no relations matter to you now. He says Tejo is first and then others, sorry, no one can stop me from supporting her and getting defamed because of her, I will take her to a doctor, I will play with her and take care of her, I m not ashamed, I m in peace that I m with her, I m leaving from here, I will stay in the state in which she is, this is my decision. Everyone looks on. Tejo counts to 1000. Fateh comes and cheers her up. Awara bhavre….plays….. He comes from behind. She turns. They both fall on the bed and laugh. Dil utte chalda….plays… She asks were you making that butterfly, teach me also. He teaches her. They laugh. Jasmin comes and gets shocked seeing them. She thinks I can’t get Fateh until Tejo is here, I have to make Tejo out.

Tejo reads I love you. Fateh says I love you too. They fly a kite. Jasmin says Fateh, you will just marry me.

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