Udaariyaan 2nd July 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Fateh asking Tejo to play. He thinks I won’t let anything happen to you. Tejo gets the queen. She says I won. Everyone claps. Mahi says we will play Antakshari. Tejo sings Kya Kehna… Lovely and her family pack their bags. Jasmin thinks either Tejo will stay here or me. Satti asks Abhiraj to explain his mum. Abhiraj says Tejo can’t stay here, it will be a problem for us daily. Jasmin asks Rupy to stop them. she says I think they will send Tejo to the mental asylum. Simran comes and smiles seeing Tejo. Gurpreet and Nimmo come there. Nimmo says I think Sandhus have sent their mad daughter to you. Everyone tries to stop Lovely and family. Simran asks how can you do this with Tejo, I m in this house because of Tejo, did you forget it. Gurpreet says no, think of it, what will happen when Fateh faces troubles, I m just telling him right and wrong. Simran asks her to meet Tejo once for her sake. Jasmin asks Abhiraj to stop. Abhiraj and Lovely leave. Jasmin gets happy. Gurpreet comes to the hall. Tejo meets her. She hugs Gurpreet. Jasmin acts in front of the family. Harman says I never thought that Tejo will be the reason of the family problems. Fateh and Tejo come home. Tejo says I played games there and enjoyed a lot. Fateh gives her medicines to Satti. He asks where is Jasmin. Satti says she is inside. Jasmin thinks why is he asking about me.

Fateh asks Satti to be with Tejo always and not leave her alone. Jasmin thinks I know to open all the locks. Mahi cries and hugs Simran. Simran says many times such problems come, we have to face it together, you have a college event tomorrow, don’t go with a dull face. She shows some herbal crème to Mahi. Satti and Rupy see Tejo sleeping. She says whatever happened today was wrong. He asks shall I send my lovely Tejo to mental asylum and listen to Lovely. She says Harman’s family is breaking, they are our family also. She goes crying. Jasmin says they shall send Tejo to the mental asylum. Its morning, Tejo plays with the puppets. She says it was much fun at Fateh’s house. Jasmin comes and fakes a call in front of Tejo. She says I can’t get Tejo to the market, she called me a bad sister. She says Fateh wants to meet you, he said he will do marriage shopping, but I refused, you won’t go with me. Tejo says no, I will go with you if Fateh called me. Jasmin says fine, I will take you, you call me bad, you did a drama in the football match and blamed me. Tejo says I will come. Jasmin says don’t tell anyone, else they will not allow you to go with me. Tejo says I will get ready and come. Jasmin says Tejo agreed to me to meet Fateh. They come to the market. Tejo looks for Fateh. Jasmin thinks let the police enjoy your madness. Tejo asks where is Fateh. Jasmin says he will come, can we go and have icecream.

They go and have icecream. Jasmin takes her. She sees a car coming. She leaves Tejo’s hand and falls in front of the car. The man stops the car. Jasmin acts to faint.

Khushbeer says Jasmin met with an accident. Gurpreet asks Tejo why did you push Jasmin. She says ask them where such mental people stay.

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