Udaariyaan 3rd April 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Tejo asking Fateh to leave. He says what does she think of herself. He goes and hits the scooty. Tejo tells Jas about some guy sending gifts for Jasmin, she is very kiddish. He says its okay. He holds her hand. He thinks she doesn’t know what will happen with her. Simran asks Fateh to go and propose Jasmin. Fateh says I have to impress Tejo first. Mahi says if Fateh doesn’t propose her then Jasmin will marry someone else. Simran asks Fateh to know Jasmin’s consent first. Simran says I miss you a lot. She cries. Fateh asks did your husband tell something, I will not leave him. Simran says nothing. He says come home, I can fight anyone for you. She says you are just emotional. She makes excuse and ends call. Fateh says she is hiding something from us, when she is hurt, I also feel hurt, I love you my sister. Tejo sees Jasmin’s pic and says I love you, when Jasmin gets hurt, I feel hurt. Fateh says I won’t let you get hurt. Tejo says I wish Jasmin gets sensible, she knows the difference between a cheapster and true lover. Her mum and dad come to talk. Mahi says if you want to see Simran, then talk to Jasmin face to face. Fateh says very soon. Tejo asks why so soon within 10 days.

Satti says Jas’ mum has told us, he is a nice guy. Tejo asks how will it happen so soon. Her dad says we can’t wait for many months until their next visit, I have always respected your decision. Satti asks Tejo to think of Jasmin’s marriage also. Tejo says Jas has messaged, he apologized and said he will wait for years but marry just me. Jas says I know Tejo, she will be impressed with me. Satti says many families will be after Jas. Tejo stops her mum and dad. She says Jas is a nice guy, I will wait for him for two years, but if families want the marriage to happen in 10 days, I won’t refuse. Satti smiles. Tejo says but I have a condition, I won’t go to Canada after marriage until Jasmin’s marriage, she depends on me always. Satti agrees. Tejo says inform Jas’ mum about my condition. Satti goes to call Jas’ mum. Jas’ mum says no problem, we are okay, Tejo has responsibility of Jasmin, start preparations of marriage. Jas says my plan would always work. She asks how will we find a Canada guy for Jasmin. Jas says its Tejo’s condition, she doesn’t know that we won’t go to Canada, let her take care of Jasmin. They laugh.

Taya ji buys a bus. He says we will earn well and free this vehicle, everyone will be happy seeing this, we will do Tejo’s marriage grandly. Mintu says get Jasmin married as well. Jasmin is at her college. Guard says this is for you. Her friends say another gift. Jasmin asks who gave this. Fateh hides. Guard says maybe he left. Tejo looks on. Jasmin reads shayari. She says I will go home and check gift. Tejo comes. Jasmin says its my friend’s gift. She goes. She asks the guard about the guy. Guard shows Fateh. Tejo runs to see. Fateh leaves. She scolds the guard. Taya ji comes home. His wife serves food and says Tejo’s marriage is in ten days. Taya ji says I had got the truck by the marriage money, what will I tell my brother now. Jasmin checks the gift. She reads the note that he wants to meet her. She says I will come to know if you are from Canada or not. Tejo comes to the room and checks the notes. Fateh thinks of Jasmin and smiles. Jasmin says I m excited to see who is he. Tejo says its right chance, I also want to see who is he. Jasmin says the guy is romantic.