Udaariyaan 3rd June 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Fateh recalling Jasmin. He ruins the decorations. Nimmo taunts Tejo. Tejo cries. Bebe asks Gurpreet to do Tejo’s grahpravesh. Tejo recalls Jasmin. Her grahpravesh happens. Amrik, Buzo and Mahi stand to cover up Jasmin’s pic. Tejo enters the house. Gurpreet cries and goes. Bebe asks Tejo to take some rest in her room, don’t worry, everything will get fine. Gurpreet cries. Nimmo asks her not to cry and hurt herself. Gurpreet says pain will not leave Fateh, his life got ruined. She cries. Tejo hears them. Mahi asks Tejo to come.

Rupy scolds Jasmin. He says you didn’t trust me, I m not mad, I knew your Canada dreams, Khushbeer promised me that Fateh will take you to Canada, that’s why I didn’t tell you anything, did you lose your mind, you think marriage is a joke, you threw the varmala and left the mandap, you didn’t think of our respect. Harman says just Tejo used to always save you, maybe she got punished because of that. Satti says you have done wrong, we can’t forgive you, you ruined their lives. Satti says you love them, you knew about Jasmin, she can do anything for Canada. Rupy says you have shown her that dream. Satti says yes, but I didn’t teach her to ruin someone’s life. Bebe says its no use to talk all this now, stay quiet now. He asks Jasmin to understand that she did too wrong, think how to move on. Rupy says she won’t understand anything. He raises hand. Everyone stops him. Jasmin goes. Rupy says look at her attitude. Tejo comes to the room and sees Fateh crying. She holds him. He gets away.

He says I don’t want to take any medicines, leave me alone, just go. She picks the glass pieces. He says Jasmin threw the jaimala in her kiddishness, why didn’t your family explain her. Tejo says its no use to get angry. He asks why don’t I get angry, you said she loves me a lot, then why did she leave her love, why did you not stop her, why are you here in her place. She says I told you that she loves Canada the most. He says I told her that I will take her, why didn’t you convince her, you didn’t stop her, you knew I love her, she is my life. Tejo says just shut up, I can also shout, don’t blame me, you think just your life got ruined, yes I m happy to marry a guy who doesn’t love me, who loves my sister, I came here as an unwanted guest, I should be happy, right, you didn’t think of my pain, you are in your house, with your family, I have no one here, they all hate me, Jasmin did wrong, I m paying for it, I have explained her a lot, I begged her and cried, she didn’t listen to me, I asked her to think about your love, I did everything, I couldn’t drag her to the mandap, I always supported you two, you are blaming me, I know the pain of a heartbreak, my heart broke twice in a month.

She says this isn’t a marriage, but a punishment for me. Nimmo comes and asks them to come downstairs for rasam. She smiles and goes. Tejo says I don’t need to remind you, this marriage, we did for our families, not for ourselves. She cries. Jasmin and Fateh also cry.