Udaariyaan 6th April 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Tejo and Jasmin talking about the same dress. Jasmin asks her and takes the dress. Satti scolds Jasmin. Jasmin says I didn’t ask for her engagement ring. Jas and his mum laugh that Tejo isn’t buying any costly ring. Viraj receives a parcel for Jasmin. Tejo checks it and sees the sorry card. She asks the delivery guy to tell about the sender. He says sorry, I can just take you to that guy’s house. She goes. Dilraaj reads the letter and throws it away. Fateh asks Buzo did Jasmin come at the window. Dadi asks why is Fateh so tensed. Mahi says its his final match. Buzo says Jasmin has come. Fateh sees Jasmin and smiles. He says she didn’t wear the red dupatta. Buzo says Amrik said gift is delivered. Fateh says both sisters have made me mad.

Tezo asks shall I come back. Fateh says yes. Tejo comes to Fateh’s house. She says this family looks good, who can do this, who gave you the packet. The man signs towards Amrik. She doesn’t see Fateh. Fateh is with Dada and Dadi. His dad says forget the dream to play national if you are in love. Fateh says its nothing like that, I thought to say sorry to one I had hurt. His dad says focus on your game. Fateh’s mum says it means relation is imp. His dad says its better to forget such relations, sorry doesn’t matter after hurting heart. Fateh hears everyone talking. He says I will say sorry directly, what will I do of Tejo.

Tejo comes to college and asks for Amrik. Amrik is at the canteen. He talks to his friends. Tejo catches him. She scolds him for sending gifts to a girl. He says I swear, I didn’t send any gift. She says courier person has told me everything. She clicks his pic and warns him. She goes. He calls Fateh and says Tejo came here and scolded me in front of my friends, let marriage happens once, I will see her. Guard calls Tejo and says you told me that I should inform you if any gift comes. She says it won’t come now. He says the same guy came and gave the gift for Jasmin. Tejo says it means Amrik isn’t that lover. Bebe feels unwell.

Tejo checks Fateh’s letters. She hears about Bebe. She goes to get medicines for her. The chemist shuts the pharmacy and asks her to come tomorrow. She says its urgent, my Biji isn’t well. He says sorry, come tomorrow. She falls back. Fateh holds her. He opens the store and scolds the chemist. He asks Tejo to go and get the medicine. She takes the medicine and pays money. Fateh says you are forgetting to say something. Tejo says thanks. She goes. He thinks how will I convince her for Jasmin and my relation. Jasmin reads his letter. Its morning, Mahi and Amrik wake up Fateh and say its Jasmin’s letter. Fateh says I m scared to read it. Amrik reads the letter, I have forgiven you, we will meet outside the Gurudwara, I won’t wait this time, come on time. Fateh dances and says I m going to get ready.