Udaariyaan 6th August 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Aman saying Simran has beaten me, she had tried to poison me. He shows his wounds. He says entire family has done a conspiracy, Simran will kill me. Fateh asks why are you lying. Tejo says he is lying, he is a fraud man. Aman says Simran had tried to strangulate my neck, arrest her. Tejo says you arrest him, we have filed a FIR against him. Inspector says he has also filed a FIR against your sister before you did. He shows the FIR copy. Aman teases Simran. He says she has hurt himself while beating me. He continues lying. Inspector arrests Simran. Candy comes shouting and asks where are you taking my mumma. Aman says this woman is very cunning. Fateh says I will not leave you today. Tejo stops him.

Inspector scolds Fateh. Tejo says sorry, he is angry because his sister is accused falsely. He asks her not to explain work to him. Aman acts and cries. Gurpreet cries for Simran. Fateh and Buzo talk to the inspector. They ask him to give some time, Aman is a liar. Tejo hugs Candy and says Simran won’t go, don’t cry. Candy runs to Simran. He asks why are you taking my mumma. Simran says I will come back till evening, everyone is here, don’t get sad. Fateh says we will get you freed soon. Khushbeer, Fateh and Buzo follow the police car. Aman laughs.

Aman argues with the family. He asks Candy to come with him, he is his good dad, mum is bad, so police caught her, aunty is also bad. Gurpreet asks him to shut up. Aman says he is my child, my right, I will take him. Tejo says don’t ruin Simran and Candy’s lives, you can never take him. He says I can take anything, listen to me carefully, my plan is solid. He laughs. He says I mean it. Tejo says stay away from Candy. Aman asks Candy to come to him. Tejo pushes him and says Candy is scared of you. Aman says he is scared seeing my wounds, its all fake, see. He removes the wound marks. He asks Candy to come and hug.

Tejo says your work is done, now get out, we don’t want to see your unlucky face. Aman says okay I will go, but I will come back to get my Candy, its good if you give him with love, else I know how to take him. He taunts her and goes.

Jasmin recalls the doctor’s words. She cries. Doctor comes and says be careful, your body and mind needs rest, didn’t your husband come. Jasmin says no, my family is dead, just answer me, can I leave. Doctor says okay. She gives her medicines. Jasmin leaves. Gurpreet asks Khushbeer to get Simran home. He asks her not to worry, Buzo and Fateh are inside the police station. Candy says that bad uncle isn’t my dad. Tejo asks do you want mumma to come soon, don’t cry then. He asks her to promise, she will get his mumma home soon. Tejo promises him.

Buzo asks Simran are you fine. Simran asks him to take care of Candy. Fateh says Tejo and Mahi will take care of him, you handle yourself, I promise, I won’t let you stay here for long. Jasmin recalls Fateh and Tejo’s words. She cries. Dimple comes. She says I can understand your situation. Jasmin asks what do you know about me, I have no pain of losing the baby, but my last chance, this was my last insurance policy, I could have got Fateh because of this baby. Dimple says you might have attachment with the baby. Jasmin says my focus was on Fateh. Dimple says you have to tell the truth to the family. Tejo asks Gurpreet to calm down. Gurpreet asks for Jasmin.

Tejo calls Jasmin. Dimple says talk to Tejo, else she will find you, she will know about the party, my mum knows about Nikki’s party. Jasmin takes the call. Tejo asks how is your friend now. Jasmin says she is fine. Tejo asks her to come home, police arrested Simran, Gurpreet isn’t well, come soon. Jasmin asks what, fine, I m coming. She thinks what to do now.

Rupy asks how can he get Simran arrested. Khushbeer says he got her arrested. Tejo says she said he is a criminal minded man, he can do anything. Fateh says Simran couldn’t get the bail. Buzo says bail can happen on Monday. Gurpreet asks will she stay in jail for 2 days. Rupy asks the judge’s name. Fateh says Trilochan Singh. Rupy says I m trying to talk to the judge’s brother. Buzo says its my mistake, I should have not heard Simran and filed the report. Fateh asks him to stop crying. Tejo says let him cry, maybe he gets relieved. Rupy says judge’s brother is ready to meet, we shall go. Tejo asks Buzo to be with Candy. They all leave.

Aman is with his friends. He says they all will come in my feet now, Simran will be in jail for two days, she will not get the bail. He laughs.

Jasmin says I have no option, I can’t let them insult me. Fateh says everything is fine now. Tejo says this peace is before the storm. They both have a dance in the rain. Tejo and Aman argue.

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