Uttaran and Na Aana Is Des Laado are back on COLORS on popular demand

Shows like Uttaran and Na Aana Is Des Laado, COLORS introduced unique storytelling and garnered attention of the audience around the nation and earned a legion of loyal fans along with breaking several records. Starting today, in this lockdown period COLORS is giving its viewers a chance to fall in love again with these two brilliant shows.

The actors on these two shows, who became a part of the daily lives of viewers by portraying path-breaking characters, are just as happy with this bit of news. Talking about it, Vaishali Thakkar who essayed the role of Ammo from Uttaran says, “I couldn’t be happier knowing Uttaran is coming back on COLORS. For an actor, a show like Uttaran comes once in a lifetime. There are endless memories attached to it. I am excited to relive them and I’m waiting to watch how my audience will react with this re-run.”

Sparsh Khanchandani who played the young Ichha in Uttaran says, ”I was very young when I bagged the role of Uttaran and it will surely be very surreal to see myself back on the screen after a long time. I am glad that the show is coming back on COLORS and that it is still very relevant in some parts of the country. The labour class community are still getting ignored that it’s important to create awareness amongst the people even today. Also I will be able to relive some of the best days of my childhood through Uttaran yet again.”

Aditya Reij who played Raghav in Na Aana Desh Laado says, “I am very happy and excited the COLORS channel is coming up with re-run of Na Aana Is Desh Laado. I made my debut with the show and got a chance to play a character like Raghav Singh that was so layered. I am going to have a great time watching Laado again this time.”

Natasha Sharma who played the role of Sia on Na Aana Desh Laado says, “We were all newcomers on the show and most of us came from a theatre background. But still, I gave my 100% to the show and I was happy to do so as it spoke about poignant issues related to the women in our society. I am glad that it is back on COLORS as we can once again create awareness about issues women face even in today’s day and age.”