Vidrohi 25th January 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Jagabandhu asking Kalyani about the herbs to relieve fever. Kalyani tells the name. He says I will get it, you stay strong, you promised me, you won’t leave me, how does that herb look, tell me. She faints. Maa prays for Kalyani at home. She says Jagabandhu and Rodang need her, and she needs you. She cries. She rings the bell. Manthara cries and thinks I m praying for Kalyani, I know this house needs her a lot, save her for Radha and Jagabandhu.

Vaid hides from everyone and comes to meet Jagabandhu. He says I came to do my duty, I got some herbs also. Jagabandhu says I can understand, come. Vaid gives her medicines. He says her fever has to get down, else it won’t be possible for her to see the next sunrise. Its morning, Manthara says I have prayed for Kalyani all night, she has to get fine. Maa nods. The maid comes and tells about Amba. They go and see Amba. Amba asks didn’t Bheem tell you, Gadadhar will sit on Baxi’s chair today, I will become Kulswamini. Tilotamma scolds her. Bheem comes with Fletcher and Paikas. He says Amba is saying the truth. Fletcher greets Maa. Bheem says Jagabandhu left from here, he is in big trouble, he sent Radha away and Kalyani is going away from him. She shouts. He says Rodang needs someone who can join hands with East India company and think of Paikas’ betterments, Paika will declare it. Paika says our new Baxi will be Bheem. Amba and everyone get shocked.

Fletcher claps for Bheem. Maa thinks this can’t happen, Bheem can’t sit on this throne, Kalyani can’t lose, she has to come back with Jagabandhu and face this challenge. Jagabandhu wakes up and checks Kalyani. He says you came to find me, get up, say something. He holds her and says get up, you were my responsibility, you became my courage and you know what you are for me now, open your eyes. He cries. His tear falls on her face. She opens her eyes and looks at him. She wipes his tear. He smiles. He gets water for her.

Amba asks how can you do this with us, answer me. Bheem says it was about a deserving person, that’s me. Amba keeps a sword at his neck. She says you acted of supporting us, you stabbed Gadadhar’s back. He asks her to look behind. She sees the goon behind her. Bheem says you think I will waste time for Gadadhar, you don’t know fighting for himself, he lost to Kalyani, his work was to help me, I will be thankful to him. Amba says you used us, you think I will sit quiet, no, I know you had forged Jagabandhu’s signatures, I will tell Paikas also, then no one will spare you. Bheem says go and tell them, do you have any proof against me, Paikas won’t believe Gadadhar and Jagabandhu, and never you, try to tell them and see yourself. She leaves.

Guard says Kalyani is out of danger now, Jagabandhu took care of her. Maa and Manthara smile. Maa prays for Kalyani and Jagabandhu. She says everything will get fine now, I know, Bheem will get punished for his actions. Kalyani asks what did you tell me. He says we have a lot of work, come. She says yes, that’s why we have come here. She feels hurt. She asks him not to blame himself. He says how, you are so hurt. She stops him. He says I will get some wood, take rest. She thinks you can’t see the love wound on my heart, I don’t care for the wound, I will always be with you.

Jagabandhu talks to his alter self. He says I feel hurt seeing her in pain, I love her. Maharaj meets Kalyani. Jagabandhu says I request you to take Kalyani with you.

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