Vidrohi 4th December 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Radha talking to her mum and Tilotamma. She thinks Kalyani would be upset. Her mum asks her to keep an eye on Kalyani. Radha asks what’s the problem. Her mum says I worry for you. Radha says I m fine, trust your upbringing, its a puja day, so don’t doubt. Kalyani looks for the food. Amba says the dishes are kept in the temple, do you want anything. Kalyani says fine, go. She feels hungry. She talks to her dad. She goes to take a laddoo from the temple. Maa says its for prasad, you will get it after puja, I just had milk and fruits, and sent the same for Radha, you can also have it. Kalyani says no need, I don’t want anything. Maa goes. Kalyani goes to Radha. Amba says Baxi will scold me if he knows you have kept the fast. Radha says its imp to save the husband from problems. Kalyani comes and says you have to protect the baby first, right Amba. She asks Radha to have food, don’t keep the fast. Radha eats the fruits. She says last time, I couldn’t keep this fast, I thought to keep it this time, but couldn’t keep it, if anything happens to him, then I can’t forgive myself. Kalyani says I will become his protective shield for him. Radha jokes. They laugh.

Radha asks her to have it. Kalyani says I m not hungry, I will have it later, you finish all this. She goes. Kalyani thinks why couldn’t I eat anything today. Radha’s mum writes a letter to Maharaj. She sends it by someone. Jagabandhu says you have to take good food for the sake of our baby, you don’t need to keep the fast. Radha says I don’t like if suhaagan doesn’t keep this fast, I wanted Kalyani to do this puja. Kalyani comes and says I decided to do this puja. Radha asks how did you change your mind. Kalyani says I pity my husband, I thought to do it for his sake. Jagabandhu says you don’t need to do this without your wish, you had gone to eat, you already had the food. Kalyani says I didn’t eat anything. They argue. Kalyani says its my decision. He says good to know, no one’s life should get tangled, remember this. Radha asks how can it happen if she keeps a fast. Kalyani says I decided to do this puja. Radha asks do you have love for him. Kalyani says no, I don’t love him, I just want to do this ritual. Radha says I wish he also loves you.

Kalyani says this puja won’t affect him. Radha says I think it will affect him, you both will get blessed to stay together. She gets the Suhaag symbols and asks Kalyani to wear it. She says Baxi got this for me, but I had never worn it, its made for you. Kalyani hugs her. Radha says Baxi will help you in the rituals. She instructs Kalyani. She says I will send this potli with Baxi, if anyone sees you with this, then they will question. All the women do the puja. Maa tells the rituals. Radha prays. Jagabandhu waits for Kalyani. She comes there.