Vidrohi 6th December 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Maa asking where is Jagabandhu. Radha says I will call him. Kalyani says we shall start, Radha explained you the rituals right, you won’t do the rituals with Radha. He says no, Radha and I will do it later, we have to end this puja soon before anyone comes. She does the puja. She sees their reflection in the plate. Radha comes there and sees them. She gets shocked. She asks what are they doing. Kalyani gets tensed. Radha says you have to see your husband’s reflection. She asks Jagabandhu to let Kalyani do the puja alone. She says its good I came on the right time. Radha also performs the puja. She sees Jagabandhu and her reflection in the plate. She says our suhaagan puja completed well. They pray. Radha says if anyone sees you, then they will question. Kalyani goes. Radha says I prayed that Kalyani meets her husband soon.

Jagabandhu applies the mehendi to Radha. She smiles. He sees Kalyani there. Radha asks Kalyani to apply the mehendi and write her husband’s name, no one will object, she can apply it. Radha’s mum comes and taunts Kalyani. Jagabandhu gives the mehendi bowl to Kalyani and goes. Radha says eyes never keep quiet, if anyone could read it, then could see that you have feelings for your husband, you are missing him. Maa asks Kalyani to write Jagabandhu’s name on Radha’s hand. She goes. Radha says I will also write the name of your husband, but you won’t say his name, tell me the first alphabet. Kalyani says B. Radha writes B on her hand. Radha blesses her to do next puja with her husband. She says I will send you the suhaag symbols, wear that and get ready to do the puja.

Kalyani asks Jagabandhu to get the potli, she will get ready. The man gets the gifts to them. Jagabandhu takes that. Kalyani says I have to get ready. He sees her mehendi. She says Radha insisted so I had to apply, you come soon. She goes. She thinks of Jagabandhu. She says so what if he stood away, why am I doing this foolishness, I already know that he loves Radha, why am I feeling bad. She says I m away from my dad and Mohan, so I m feeling lonely, where is Baxi ji. The man informs Jagabandhu about the letters. He says one of the letter is for Badamba Naresh. Jagabandhu goes to check. He reads the letter by Radha’s mum. He says Radha’s mum wants to send Kalyani back to Badamba.