Vidrohi 8th December 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Kalyani saying I should have not kept this fast. Maa comes to Radha and says we shall do these rituals now. Radha says yes, we shall start, Kalyani should be here, she is away from the family, she will feel good. She asks Jagabandhu to call her. Her mum gets angry. Kalyani says I will return this gift to Baxi. He comes and collides with her. She says I was coming to you, I had to return this. He asks didn’t you like it, fine. She says I liked it a lot. He asks why are you returning it. She says no, I wasn’t returning it. He asks her to come, everyone is waiting, its time for Radha’s last ritual. Her saree gets stuck to his bracelet. They go to Radha. Kalyani frees her saree end. Radha says she has come. Maa says she has to see these rituals, she can do this puja when she gets married. Radha’s mum asks Jagabandhu to tell the importance of the suhaag symbols and make Radha wear it, then Kalyani will know the meaning of being a suhaagan. Kalyani says there is much to learn from you. Maa tells the importance of the suhaag symbols. Jagabandhu makes Radha wear it. Kalyani imagines herself in Radha’s place. She smiles. She sees Radha there and cries. She leaves from there.

Jagabandhu comes after her. He says I have to complete this ritual. She sits. He makes her wear the suhaag symbols/ornaments. He fills sindoor in her maang. He applies the kajal to her neck. She smiles. He leaves. She looks for him and cries lying on the bed. Her alter self appears. Its morning, Kalyani wakes up and recalls Jagabandhu. She gets ready and goes. She hears Jagabandhu. She goes to see. Jagabandhu scolds Radha’s mum for sending a letter to Maharaj secretly. He says you can’t decide if Kalyani will stay here or not. Radha’s mum says I don’t like her coming close to you, I don’t suspect you or doubt your character, I know you love Radha. He asks really, then what’s the problem. She says I don’t like Kalyani. Kalyani looks on.