Vidrohi 8th January 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Radha burning Baxi’s letter. Maa comes and stops her. She says you have to hold your faith, else you will shatters, sometimes what appears is not true, I have faith on my Radha. Radha says your old Radha will come back, just return me old Baxi ji. She cries. Tilottama comes to Amba’s room. She checks the room. She sees some jewellery. She says Radha can never give this jewellery to Amba. She gets shocked seeing a pic. She says Amba’s pic with Gadadhar and this boy…. I have to ask Gadadhar. Gadadhar is drunk. He says Maa never loved me, I just got insulted. Tilottama comes with the pic and asks Gadadhar. She asks what is going on between you two and since when. He asks her to stop it, no need to think much about it. She asks am I so bad, don’t I love you. He says I have no relation with Amba, go and ask her why did she make this pic. She says fine, you won’t have a relation with her son Hari also, swear on Hari and tell me that you have no relation with Amba and Hari. He says don’t irritate me, I don’t want to answer you, you are mad, you will make me mad. He goes. She cries. Maa finds Gadadhar drunk. She asks him to get out. He says yes, there is purity in this house, what about me, I m born to impure this family, right. She says shut up, you should be ashamed to talk to me in this state. He says let me talk and bring out the pain.

He scolds her that she isn’t a good mum, she just loves her stepson, not her own son, she should die. Maa gets shocked. Kalyani comes and slaps him. He asks how dare you. He gets a knife. Maa stops him. Kalyani says don’t worry, he is drunk, he has no control on himself, he can’t do anything, leave him. Maa cries. Kalyani says when your truth came in front of me, no one believed me, today everyone will believe me. He says did you see how she slapped me, I m the heir of this house, I m your son, Maa. Maa asks him to leave, they will talk tomorrow. He says punish me, I will fall in your feet and stay here until you forgive me. Maa cries seeing him. She says I m so unlucky. He faints. Maa says you didn’t do anything wrong Kalyani, you did that I should have done this, he crossed all limits today, I m scared that my house is getting into darkness. Kalyani says its okay, don’t worry, he will learn to differentiate between right and wrong, then this darkness will end. They leave. He gets up and says light will come in my life, Kalyani, you will sink in darkness. He gets the keys. He recalls stealing the keys from Maa. Radha’s mum thinks everyone will know that I was also involved in this game. She comes to Radha. She brainwashes her against Kalyani and Maa. Radha argues. She says Maa worries so much for me, I won’t hear anything against my family, no need to feed this in my mind.