Virodhi 19th October 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Jagabandhu rescuing the kids. The guard comes to Maharaj and says bells are ringing in the british camps, maybe there is some danger. The servant says Kalyani isn’t in her room. Maharaj worries. Jagabandhu fights the guards. He makes the kids run. He sees the britisher soldiers following. He throws the fire torch there and burns the place. Jagabandhu and Kalyani stop after a distance. She thanks him. She says don’t talk about the collaboration, this isn’t good for Badamba. Jagabandhu says don’t you think this danger will get more, think what will Fletcher do, this is not just yours or our problem, we can save this difficulty if we stand together. She folds hands and signs no. She leaves.

Kalyani brings the kids back to their families. Everyone chants her name. Fletcher comes to see the burning camp. He gets angry. Kalyani gets the honour. Fletcher says princess Kalyani…. Maa thanks Lord seeing Radha fine. She stops Gagadhar and says I had promised to make you a good human, how shall I explain you the happiness when you were born, Jagabandhu was also much happy, you don’t have any blood relation, but he loves you a lot, you had to become like him, but not work hard, I got strict towards you to make you work hard, you think I don’t believe you. She explains him and apologizes. Radha wakes up and looks on. She smiles. Gagadhar says don’t say sorry. Maa says I never differentiated in raising my two sons, I love both of them.

They cry and hug. Gagadhar says I wanted to hear this from you, that you love me and trust me. Maharaj says Rajput’s king has come, his family is good, they respect us. Kalyani asks why are we worried. She says I don’t want to get married and go away, it was my decision to have a battle, I will take the responsibility, I will face the situation. Maharaj says you are my strength, I m finding myself weak, when its about my children’s safety, Mohan will also go with you, when you get married, this is my command. He goes to the Darbar. He welcomes the King. He says thanks for coming here on a short notice, I will be thankful to you. Fletcher comes there. The guard and informs Kalyani. Fletcher scolds Maharaj. Jagabandhu comes there. He sees Fletcher threatening Kalyani.

Fletcher claps and says you have saved the kids, bravo, you are brave and daring, you should marry a person like you. He catches the Rajput King’s neck. He says you can’t even protect yourself, how will you protect Kalyani. The Rajput king leaves. Fletcher says I told you that I want to marry Kalyani, even then you didn’t listen to me. Maharaj shouts enough. Fletcher scolds him aloud and says I will marry your daughter. Jagabandhu and Kalyani look on. He goes and slaps Fletcher. Everyone gets shocked.

Jagabandhu says I should cut your neck, you insulted a woman and her dad, I m sure you will never forget this slap. Fletcher says I won’t forget and won’t let you forget, you are the first Indian to shed my blood, you will be the last one, I can also cut your neck today, but if you die, then how will you repent. Maharaj looks on. Fletcher says I will take Kalyani with me in front of you all. Jagabandhu says you said right, look at this face carefully, I will be shedding your blood. Kalyani smiles. Fletcher leaves. Jagabandhu says my Maa has sent this Jagannath’s prasad for you, I couldn’t leave without giving this to you. Maharaj accepts it and smiles. Jagabandhu leaves.