Virodhi 23rd October 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Maharaj asking Kalyani to go away with Mohan for the sake of Mohan’s protection. He hugs them and cries. Mohan asks when will we come back. Maharaj says very soon, play well in your Naniyaal with your siblings, live the childhood well. He sends them and cries. Maharaj says you didn’t ask me anything, why are you inviting me for a formality, I should thank you that you informed me before the Shastra puja, you went to meet Badamba Naresh without asking me, you are my Senapati, isn’t it your duty to ask me. Jagabandhu asks why this disbelief in between us, we are doing this puja to give faith to the people. Fletcher says Indians are funny, they get Lord in between every matter, we rule the temple. Charan says Jagabandhu is not mine, you are my Lord.

Charan says Jagabandhu is dreaming of it. Maharaj says I m just hearing about Vidroh, can I never sit with you and lighten my heart, can’t we talk about anything else, can I never laugh like before. Jagabandhu says we will laugh when Praja laughs, when we get the fields blooming and get the temple back, I have to rethink again for coming here. Maharaj stops him. Fletcher says Paika will come in this Samaroh and ordinary people also. Charan says yes. Maharaj gives his sword to Jagabandhu and smiles. Jagabandhu takes the sword. Fletcher says I want to fill some red colour in it. Charan worries. Maharaj says I will come. Maharaj and Dhaki are on the way. They hide from the Britishers. Kalyani says I don’t like leaving dad alone and going this way. Mohan cheers her. He recalls Maharaj’s words. He talks of Jagabandhu.

Kalyani asks him to say the truth, what is he hiding. Mohan says Maharaj and Dhaki are going to meet Jagabandhu, Maharaj asked me not to tell you. Kalyani asks the guard to take Mohan to Nanihaal, he will be safe there, she will get Maharaj back to Badamba. She hugs Mohan. She asks the guards to follow her command. Jagabandhu and Radha do the puja. He says its an imp day today, I wish you get the same strength to my voice, my words should reach Paika’s heart. Fletcher sees the message. He looks worried. Charan asks what happened. Fletcher says seniors refused to give me 1000 soldiers. Charan asks why. Fletcher says they said that if I attack on any dharmic function, then the people can angrily come for a war. Charan says Jagabandhu is doing this for a war, he will become a Lord for the people if this Shastra puja completes. Fletcher says we will let this happen, let them do anything. Charan asks what about the colour you wanted to fill. Fletcher says it will happen, I can shoot there if I have a reason. He smiles. Charan asks what reason will I get there. Fletcher says think if Paika attacks us, then we can shoot in defense. Kalyani thinks if Fletcher knows this, then it can be dangerous for dad’s life, I have to stop dad and this tie-up.