Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th June 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Rudra is busy making arrangements for a client conference in his hotel when Devika walks to him and asks if she can talk to him for 5 minutes. He says he is busy. She says she just needs 2 minutes. He takes her to his cabin where she apologizes him for her misbehavior and gifts him a watch for saving her last night. He says sorry is okay, but he cannot accept gift as he would have helped even anyone else. He returns her watch and while walking out he clashes with her and their phone falls. He exchanges his mobile with her by mistake and walks away. She thinks she rightly named him khadoos. Sulochana calls on Rudra’s number and informs that she took Sharda to hospital and her condition is stable now. Devika speaks and informs that her phone got exchanged with her son. Preesha calls Devika to ask about her tiff with the manager. Rudra picks call and hearing Preesha remembers her telling him I love you. Devika walks to him and says their phones got exchanged and its her call. He returns her mobile and leaves. She tells Preesha that she apologized hotel manager and offered him a gift, but he rudely rejected it. Preesha says as she said, manager seems to be a good man. She says she is going to prepare breakfast and disconnects call.

Preesha feeds breakfast to Anvi. Arman and Chachaji smile seeing that. Chachaji tells Arman that his horoscope says whom he loves will love him back soon. Arman shies. Anvi insists Arman to meet Devika. Arman says Devika is in Delhi and since he is busy, she can take Preesha along. Preesha says Devika’s internship will end tomorrow and she will come here in 2-3 days. Arman says Anvi is very impatient and once she insisted to meet Chachaji and when he delayed, she fell ill. He insists Preesha to take Anvi to Delhi. Preesha agrees for 1 day and thinks Rudra stays there and hopes she doesn’t meet her past again.

Preesha takes Anvi to Delhi and meets Devika. Devika gets happy seeing them. Anvi introduces her pet Toffee to Devika. Devika asks her to play and takes Preesha for coffee. Anvi sees toffee eating a stone and stops him, but herself eats it and stucks it in her throat. She chokes. Hotel staff noticing her informs Rudra about same. Rudra makes her spit candy and asks staff to find her parents and bring them. Anvi hugs and thanks him. He asks why did she eat stone. She says toffee was eating it, so trying to stop him she swallowed it. He asks her to be careful and wait for his parents. Staff informs Preesha that her daughter is having breathing problem. Preesha worried rushes towards Anvi saying she is already having health issues and to call the doc. Devika asks her to relax. Rudra and Preesha pass by without noticing each other. Preesha rushes to Anvi and asks if she is fine. Anvi explains what happened and how handsome uncle saved her. Preesha asks who is that handsome uncle. Staff says their hotel manager. Devika thinks of thanking manager. Preesha asks her to thank him even on her behalf. Devika returns and informs that manager’s shift ended and he left. Preesha says they will be leaving tomorrow morning and hence cannot thank him. Devika says she doesn’t keep anyone’s favor, so she will go to his house and thank him personally.

Devika reaches Rudra’s house and rings bell. Sulochana opens door. Devika says she wants to meet RK. Sulochana says no one stay here with that name. Sharda’s condition worsens, and Sulochana rushes to her. Devika walks in and says she just wants to thank her son for saving her niece’s life. Sulochana asks her to come some other time. Devika says Sharda needs immediate medical attention and offering help takes them to hospital in her scooty.

Arman gets Preesha’s call and asks her if she reached safely and why didn’t she call him. She explains him what happened with Anvi. He gets worried and shouts what? She says Anvi is fine and manager saved her. He asks her to take care of Anvi and herself, he would be tensed until they return. Preesha says they will return tomorrow. Anvi speaks to Arman next and says toffee was jumping on her. He asks her to take care of herself, he is missing her and wants her back soon. She says I love you. He says love you too beta. She insists him to say I love you to even Preesha. He hesitantly says love you Preesha. She insists Preesha next to say I love you to papa.

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