Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd January 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Rudra insists Saransh to tell if Mahima hit him. Saransh says after Rudra didn’t attend TV interview, Mahima thrashed him with belt and he has marks on his back. Rudra panics seeing marks on his back. Preesha enters. Rudra shouts Mahima lashed his son. Preesha says she knows. He asks why didn’t she inform him. She says she saw just sometime ago. He shouts how dare she is to lash his son, he didn’t say anything when she killed many people and wouldn’t tolerate if she lashed his son. He angrily leaves. Saransh seeing his anger hugs Preesha afraid and asks her to stop rudra. Rudra walks to Mahima and slaps her repeatedly shouting how dare she is to lash his son. She says he touched her at least this way. He strangulates her saying he slapped her for trashing her son. She says he should kill her instead of hating her, she loves him immensely and will get him at any cost. Preesha drops Saransh with Sharda at lohri venue and waits for Rudra. She goes to check on him and stands shocked seeing Rudra Romancing Mahima in her room saying he was waiting for this moment since long. She shatters seeing them removing each other’s clothes lustfully and getting into bed. Mahima looks at a bottle on cupboard.

Preesha runs from there crying reminiscing Rudra romancing Mahima and leaves Khurana house in her car. GPS noticing that runs behind Preesha calling her, he thinks where did she go and where is Rudra. Vasu with everyone walks to him and asks where did Preesha go. He says he doesn’t know and even Rudra is missing. Ahana says even Mahima is missing. Preesha drives car reminiscing Rudra’s love for her. She shouts why did Rudra do this to her. Car stops when petrol empties and she runs on road. Vasu asks GPS how can Preesha go like that. Ahana says where must be Rudra, they should go up and check. Mishka says Mahima is up and everyone is so much worried about Preesha, she is troublesome and doesn’t let them enjoy parties. GPS says Preesha ran from inside home, that means Mahima must have done something. Mahima says she didn’t do anything. GPS says he will go and check. Balraj says he will send guards and let us go inside and wait.

They all walk inside home and nervously wait for Preesha. Balraj says guards didn’t come yet, that means Preesha is not found yet. Mahima forwards her and Rudra’s romance video on social media and says now the real dhamaka will happen. Guards return and inform Balraj that they searched for Preesha everywhere and couldn’t find her. Mahima gets video and seeing that says this is embarrassing and shows it to everyone. They all fume. GPS asks Mahima how can she do this. Mahima says she doesn’t know. Ahana says its spreading like fire on social media. GPS thinks Preesha shattered seeing Rudra’s betrayal and goes to confront Rudra. Mahima continues acting. Yuvraj thinks what happened suddenly that nalla Khurana Rudra went with Kavvi Mahima leaving chipkali Preesha, Mahima must be a witch that she can control anyone, he just needs to enjoy this drama. Balraj says he can’t understand what is Rudra up to, earlier he hated Mahima and then married her for Saransh and now got intimate with her, he also acts as hating Preesha but then dances with her. GPS goes to Rudra who is sound asleep and splashes water on him. Rudra wakes up and asks what happened. GPS asks why did he betray Preesha and shows video.